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It’s official… Ibiza has found its place on the map as a world-class gastronomic hot spot. The food, drink and cocktail scene have truly exploded and are beginning to earn equal status and notoriety as the club scene. Even the Head of Tourism admits a huge shift of attention and investment into food, drink and agriculture on the island. There is a sense that Ibiza is growing up and is happy to acknowledge itself as a gourmet destination.

Ibiza is now home to global cuisine – you will find everything from fabulous rustic beach chiringuitos, Michelin-star restaurants, Sushi, Lebanese, Moroccan, Thai, Italian, Indian, French and so on. We have seen the health food movement growing leaps and bounds with the emergence of raw food restaurants, vegan and juice bars galore. But more importantly and rightly so, there is a revival and appreciation of traditional and authentic Mediterranean food that is actually the true heart, soul and essence of Ibiza.

For a relatively small island there are thousands of restaurants and we have had some glorious meals and some shockingly bad ones: I was hospitalised with food poisoning after eating pig cheeks at one of Ibiza’s exclusive restaurants, rats running over my feet at another (much to my delight but my friends disgust), we’ve had Bullit De Peix at an infamous fish restaurant consisting of mainly tails, scales, eyes and innards. I’ve had an expensive and revolting Hamburger at trendy beach club that was in fact ‘Ham’ as in Spamburger – they must have taken trade descriptions literally. We’ve seen surly and vacant staff…I wouldn’t suggest having an early lunch after one of the closing parties – chances are the chefs will be AWOL or wasted. That said, we have decided not to name names – it is a small island after all so with that in mind the reviews are of places that we believe are good and that deserve a mention. We may change our minds and start naming n’ shaming…so bring on the amuse bouche!

Cicale Roots

I like to think I have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of food, gastronomy and nutrition - but recently I discovered Vegan Sattvic Food. Now I don’t want to categorise this under the ‘clean eating’ label because...

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Ibiza Food Studio

Welcome to Ibiza Food Studio nestled in the steep cobbled backstreets of Sa Penya, the less salubrious part of Ibiza’s Old Town which was once the home to the Ibizencan fishermen of yesteryear and now home to Romany...

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Atzaro Beach

In an absolute prime position overlooking the spectular bay of Cala Nova, Atzaro Beach Restaurant must rank as one of the most beautiful settings to dine at in Ibiza overlooking the crystal blue sea and distant views of...

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Every summer in Ibiza there is usually one major happening that overshadows everything else. The opening of Ushuaia, Nile Rodgers and The Prodigy appearing live and the world’s most expensive restaurant Sublimotion at...

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La Luna Nell'Orto

This place is delightful – I’m always so relaxed here. It’s one of the most welcoming restaurants on the island where you can simply drop your shoulders and soak in the beauty that surrounds you, trust me…it's...

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Ses Escoles

We used to whizz past this place at a rate of knots, take a quick look and say to each other “we must go there one time, it looks amazing”. But we were not sure whether it was a shop or a restaurant, it looked...

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Eat Is Life

This is a great lunchtime find if you are looking for fast but healthy food. It’s located just out of Ibiza Town opposite Vila Parc Bowling. Not the most salubrious of locations but it certainly draws in the cool...

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Restaurante Can Suldat

Found off the beaten track on the way to Es Canar, Can Suldat looks more like a whitewashed rustic finca than a restaurant. So where do I start, it is such a quirky hidden gem of all proportions. As soon I walked in it...

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La Paloma

It may sound like I am romanticising La Palmona for being the place where we had our ‘little moment’ when we decided to up roots from England and move to Ibiza, but it holds a special place in my heart for many...

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Can Pujol

The first time we came here we took the long route to the far south end of San Antonio Bay along Carrer des Calo that is best avoided…unless your grotty British pubs and tattoo parlours are your bag. The small...

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