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A short film of what I love to do...

Step inside some of my Love Food Ibiza's favourite...

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Strawberry kefir, oat & maca smoothie

I’m revisiting the often understated strawberry and banana smoothie...but I’ve given it a healthy makeover. Blended with amazing gut friendly Kefir, organic strawberries, oats and Maca powder. It’s a smoothie that...

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Roasted Artichoke Pesto

I prefer to slow roasted artichokes as I  find it retains their delicate flavour and I like to pop in half a clove of garlic into the cavity (where the fluffy bit has been removed). Once cooked I scoop out the...

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Ibiza salmonete en papillote

Hola beautiful...local salmonete aka red mullet. Not only pretty pink - it’s also sustainable and within the oily fish family and therefore wonderfully high in omega 3 fatty acids. The Mediterranean diet is one of the...

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A track you love to hear on a sunny morning… For a lazy Sunday morning, it would be ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ – K... Your perfect breakfast would be… I don't normally have breakfast, but when I do I...

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Blood orange, fennel & chicory salad

I am a sucker for beauty on a plate and this is it... A beautiful colour explosion of pinks and orange...just like an Ibiza sunset... This is one of my all time favourite salads because it delivers on all...

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Mockteaser Ice Cream

I’ve named this amazing delight ‘mockteaser’ as I wanted to create an ice cream that is velvety chocolate with a sweet malted flavour - just like a malteaser!  The bonus here is that it has an amazing superfood...

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Raw Lime, Kiwi & Matcha Cheesecake

Raw cheesecake is pretty fool proof as there is no cooking required, you could also make ahead and keep it in the freezer. This gorgeous little number is vegan, gluten free and is made with no refined sugar. The...

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Animal Trainer

A track that reminds you of sunny days in Ibiza… Blaze – Lovelee Dae Your perfect breakfast would be… Everything they serve at Croissant Show in Ibiza, it’s just a classic place and they open at...

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Chocolate Orange Love Balls

Chocolate and orange are one of my favourite sweet flavour combinations. Packed with antioxidant goodness from the cacao there is also the added goodness from the maca powder, which is naturally high in minerals,...

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Nutty Fruity Chocolate Bark

Marbled with good quality dark and white chocolate, homemade bark looks impressively like a chocolate masterpiece - but trust me, it‘s super simple to make. The beauty of making your own chocolate bark is that you can...

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Pea Pancakes with Smoked Mackerel & dill yoghurt

These wonderfully vibrant pancakes are packed with incredible colour and fresh flavour perfect for a weekend brunch or lunch. With a pop of pink from peppery radishes and delicate sprouting pea shoots it elegantly...

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  • Bluefish


    New to restaurant strip in St Eulalia delivering delicious modern European dishes with so much love and flavour. And not just fish!
  • La Finca

    La Finca

    The legendary Ibiza Food Studio now settled into their second home in the Campo and is already wowing us. Another gastronomical wonder from Boris and his brilliant team
  • La Granja

    La Granja

    This farm to fork paradise set in 20 acres of beautiful countryside is a must for everyone
  • Forada Market

    Forada Market

    Taking place every Saturday between 10am-4pm offering local produce from authentic Ibicenco farmers and artisans
  • El Portalon

    El Portalon

    Amazing new joint venture with Babylon Beach and the fabulous Organis Annie aka Anne Sijmonsbergen up in Dalt Vila. Gorgeous.
  • Los Enamorados

    Los Enamorados

    A touch of paradise in Portinax! A beach bar, boutique hotel and bazaar created by Pierre Traversier, ex-basketball player and sneaker addict and Rozemarijn de Witte, editor in chief and collector of all things and everything....
  • Soul Adventures

    Soul Adventures

    The No.1 kundalini yoga retreat on Ibiza, hosted by the wonderful Trish Whelan
  • Flavon Joy

    Flavon Joy

    This wonder supplement delivers the equivalent of 1kg of fresh fruit in 1 teaspoon. It must be good, Tony Pike has been taking it for 6 months and has started having sex again! Available from Natural Living Ibiza and online...