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First and foremost let’s get this straight, I love all food, every cuisine and have a great passion for seasonality. I focus my recipes on the best produce possible so the flavours can speak for themselves. I am not one for fad diets and fleeting food trends, my philosophy with cooking is simple: to nurture, to nourish, to pleasure, to comfort and above all to do the ingredients justice by making food look utterly delicious – and of course to cook with love and laughter.

My recipes are purely guide lines, I have given alternatives to various ingredients so please tweak and adjust to your own tastes and preferences. Without preaching, I always buy seasonal fruit and vegetables and wherever possible, organic. I choose ethical free range meat and eggs and try to cook with as many ingredients produced from this incredible island – I believe it is so important to support and promote the fantastic artisans of Ibiza. With the current movement towards healthier eating, I try to cut back on wheat, dairy and refined sugar because it’s genuinely not very good for us. I’m not suggesting for one minute that we ditch these from our diets completely, but to instead explore other alternatives. Opting for different whole grains, flour, fat and sugar alternatives can be fun and at times liberating. That said, you will come across some indulgent recipes too – it’s Ibiza, the island of hedonism…and a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t hurt now and again.

Welcome to our table… enjoy!

Buckwheat tabbouleh, cumin roasted carrots & halloumi

I love the nutty texture of buckwheat and it makes a nice difference from bulgur wheat that is normally used in tabbouleh. It may seem like an extensive ingredients list, but it’s the spices that make all the...

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Mung beans, roasted tomato, baby leeks with hemp & nigella seeds

I’m channeling my inner hippie with this dish. After all, we are the original Love Island. Mung beans and hemp are ingredients that seem to typify hippie cooking for their health properties. These emerald green...

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Roasted Aubergines with tahini dressing, dukkah & pomegranates

Perfect as a main dish or a side dish to accompany a salad or tagine. These ras-el-hanout spiced aubergines are  so delicious drizzled with a creamy tahini dressing, I make my own tahini but a good quality shop bought...

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Strawberry kefir, oat & maca smoothie

I’m revisiting the often understated strawberry and banana smoothie...but I’ve given it a healthy makeover. Blended with amazing gut friendly Kefir, organic strawberries, oats and Maca powder. It’s a smoothie that...

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Ibiza salmonete en papillote

Hola beautiful...local salmonete aka red mullet. Not only pretty pink - it’s also sustainable and within the oily fish family and therefore wonderfully high in omega 3 fatty acids. The Mediterranean diet is one of the...

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My kick ass kimchi

Referred to as our ‘second brain’ the gut plays a crucial role in the function of our immune system. Stressful lifestyles, poor diet and environmental toxins provide the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria to...

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Smoked salmon & asparagus frittatas

These delicious high protein and omega-3 bites will satisfy your hunger and are perfect for lunch or a picnic. Of course, please use the best quality free range, organic eggs you can find. I love the combination...

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Blood orange, fennel & chicory salad

I am a sucker for beauty on a plate and this is it... A beautiful colour explosion of pinks and orange...just like an Ibiza sunset... This is one of my all time favourite salads because it delivers on all...

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Char grilled Pulpo with Beetroot Tzatziki

If you have never tried octopus tastes a lot like calamari - just meatier which makes sense given that it’s from the cephalopod mollusc family. Octopus dishes always look visually impressive and are becoming a...

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Crispy Curried Shiricha Chickpeas

Delicious protein-rich spicy and crunchy chickpeas are a great alternative to nuts. There are simple to make and once out of the oven they will be gone in a flash... Ingredients 1 jar chickpeas (drained) 2 teaspoons...

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Raw Lime, Kiwi & Matcha Cheesecake

Raw cheesecake is pretty fool proof as there is no cooking required, you could also make ahead and keep it in the freezer. This gorgeous little number is vegan, gluten free and is made with no refined sugar. The...

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Chocolate Orange Love Balls

Chocolate and orange are one of my favourite sweet flavour combinations. Packed with antioxidant goodness from the cacao there is also the added goodness from the maca powder, which is naturally high in minerals,...

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