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I offer an intimate bespoke service with a rustic chic style that embraces the beauty of Ibiza. My close relationships with the island’s finest artisans and organic farmers ensure I have the very best pick of the crop to create delectable Mediterranean feasts, including breakfast brunches, lavish lunches and sunset suppers.

I am passionate about nurturing the soul through the provision of exquisitely presented food art thanks to over 25 years of catering experience. I am proficient in all cuisines and can also provide consultancy for restaurant menu development, food styling for photo shoots and group cookery lessons.

I am the Resident Chef at Soul Adventures, one of the world’s leading Kundalini Yoga Retreats. Here I meticulously curate menus that are vegan and grain free which work in line with the chakras of the body. I am also a Recipe Contributor to Walnut Magazine, Thrive Magazine and Wild Flower Magazine.

For all enquiries please e-mail me at [email protected]



About LoveFoodIbiza

Welcome to LoveFoodIbiza, a brand new website for the white isle where we’ll be sharing our passion for food and music on this incredible island. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite seasonal recipes, healthy eating guidelines, information about island produce, reviews on great places to eat, chatting with the island’s leading chefs, restaurant owners and cool Ibiza artisans plus asking our resident mixologists dream team about the perfect drinks for these summer days and nights. And then of course there’s the music where Dan will be interviewing the world’s biggest DJs all about food, food, glorious food. It’s going to be fun, informative and a celebration of life on this magical Meditteranean  island.

So where did all this begin? Well, it is a running joke in my family that I held a pastry brush before a pencil. My parents were always entertaining so mum would keep me occupied by letting me assist her when she prepared for dinner parties…jam tarts and chocolate truffles being my speciality and usually totally inedible.
Some of my fondest childhood memories were breaking up for the summer holidays and my brother and I being collected from the school gates, suitcases on the roof rack and driving to Spain on a six week adventure. We would change out of our school uniforms on the ferry and feel our excitement building. We headed to Llafranc and Calella in the beautiful unspoilt region of Catalonia where we would walk to the beach under the shade of the pine trees and find local families collecting sea urchins eating them straight from the shell. It was a new exotic gastronomic world; crunchy hot salt cod fritters, fried octopus with punchy aioli and many trips to the markets that would evoke all the senses. This was the beginning of my Spanish love affair that ultimately led me to Ibiza.

The first time I came to Ibiza it was love at first sight. It was so familiar to the childhood Spain that I adored only it had something more…an indescribable magic. Many years later I spent my honeymoon here, sitting under the stars one night at La Paloma, my husband and I both decided that we’d had enough of England’s lousy weather and pace of life and we should move here. So we did. Just like that.



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What struck me about Ibiza was the abundance of incredible produce, gorgeous roadside stores selling straight from the land, amazing markets, remarkable artisans with a story to tell. There is definitely a new buzz on the island and it’s food…Ibiza is beginning to find itself on the map as a world-class gastronomic hot spot. The food, drink and cocktail scene have truly exploded and there seems to be a revival and appreciation authentic Mediterranean food that is the true heart, soul and essence of Ibiza – this is what inspires me to cook and give something back to this wonderful island…and so – lovefoodibiza!

Tess Prince, May 2015

Lovely lemons photo by Hayley Samuelson