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It may sound like I am romanticising La Palmona for being the place where we had our ‘little moment’ when we decided to up roots from England and move to Ibiza, but it holds a special place in my heart for many other reasons. It exudes love from the family that run it which is conveyed in the décor as soon as you enter; hues of duck egg blue, lavender and hand drawn paintings adorn the walls. There are THE most incredible vintage style family portraits courtesy of esteemed photographer Jimmy Nelson, charming mismatched vintage china and table wear with little vases of meadow flowers that are grown in their garden. Beautiful. Outside is an incredible rural setting with lemon and oranges trees, the scent of fragrant flowering plants make it a magnificent backdrop for outside dinning. We have seen this style recreated in so many places – usually over stylised. But La Palmona has captured au natural chic with genuine abundance…they have just ‘got it’.



Photo courtesy of Jimmy Nelson


Established by Italian born Mouji, her Israeli husband Amit, and Mouji’s mother Prasuna Coppini, the menu oozes a fabulous fusion of their homelands with fresh seasonal Mediterranean flavours. Prasuna and Mouji are beyond passionate about the quality of their ingredients that are lovingly sourced directly from Tuscany and Sicily. When I asked Prasuna about the extraordinary capers in my dish – I had to because they truly were the best I have ever eaten, her eyes lit up. Disappearing into the kitchen she returned proudly with a bag of Bonomo e Giglio capers from the island of Panteleria, just off the coast of Scilly. They are grown in rich volcanic soil giving them a distinctive flavour and they are prized in the world of capers. Prasuna gets her delicious overseas food delivered to the local post office where every time she goes to collect her packages, the postmen remark on the amazing aromas…wondering what the great chef has received this time.




She is also passionate about the Reggio Parmesan that is sourced from the Emilia region with it’s wonderful gritty texture and sweet nutty taste. Prasuna has also gone to great lengths to find the very best Capocollo Toscano that features in the antipasto, sourced from a very small and exclusive producer who she tells me she adores. The Capocollo is incredible – texturally delightful and delicately seasoned with pepper, salt and a touch of fennel seeds. The incredibly high standard of the produce is always evident through the menu, they take a huge amount of pride in using local seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs – always fresh, mostly organic and the majority of which are grown in their own garden. They present their food with natural touches such as edible home grown flowers and herbs, just another reason that makes La Paloma truly shine. When we have eaten here the food is always consistently good and leaving me spoilt for choice. I have a habit of trying to share starters and mains so I can taste and experience the new dishes on the menu – that way there is never any order envy.

During the daytime they operate a bohemian style café and bakery offering a fantastic fusion of Middle Eastern, North African and Asian ingredients which is the brain child of their fantastic Israeli chef Juanito. Dishes include superfood salads, Bio Plates with anti inflammatory properties, Soba noodles, freshly made soup, home made breads, super moorish focaccia sandwiches and a very mean beef burger…but for me the falafels are the hands down winner.

Last but by no means least the cocktails are a dream, Fiorella the bar manager supremo has put together a fabulous list with a touch of La Paloma magic, you can find some of her recipes in Salud. I love this place, it’s my soul food and I always feel like I am eating in Nonna’s Kitchen. They are quite simply my Ibiza family…


La Paloma can be found in the beautiful village of San Lorenzo in the middle of Ibiza

Telefona : + 34 971 32 55 43