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The first time we came here we took the long route to the far south end of San Antonio Bay along Carrer des Calo that is best avoided…unless your grotty British pubs and tattoo parlours are your bag.

The small white washed building of Can Pujol stands alone right on the rocky seafront which makes an excellent sunset position. The décor is simple and basic with an open kitchen so clean you could probably eat off the floor. Long established as one of the best fish restaurants on the island, you will see reserved signs on every table which have been booked by locals and those in the know.


I like to sample the local fish of Ibiza and many years ago on a beach restaurant at Cala Xuclar in the north of the island I had Denton, a toothed gilt bream. I have not seen it in many places in Ibiza so I jumped at it when I saw it on the menu here. If you order the grilled it fish arrives in a large skillet served with sauté potatoes, peppers and roasted garlic – they are not shy with the portions. On this occasion we had grilled mixed seafood which consisted of local fish such as Mero (stone bass) Rape (angler fish) and Denton. It is all cooked with skilled precision, the staff do not feel the need to ask to you if the meal is okay, they are quietly and proudly confident. The house speciality, which we have had when there has been a group of us is the ‘Bullit De Peix’, again local fish mainly including Roja (scorpion fish) that is cooked in a delicate tomato, saffron fish broth which is then used to prepare the second course – ‘Arroza a Banda’ which is a rice/risotto. I was fortunate enough to be allowed into the kitchen with to watch the lovely owner Lucas Torres cook the Bullit, a family recipe that he holds close to his chest and has not deviated from since the opening of the restaurant.

Can Pujol

I asked if the rumours were true about not opening the restaurant unless he was satisfied with the quality of the fish, to which he agreed – although luckily it hasn’t happened often as he tends to govern huge respect amongst his chosen fish suppliers. He is the undisputed cod-father of Ibiza! If you are looking for honest well cooked local fish, ‘Bullit De Peix’ or a very decent Paella then this is one of the places to go. It’s basic with a winning formula.


Can Pujol, Carrer des Caló, 112 – Port des Torrent

Tel : + 34 971 34 14 07