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Hola lovely people! Listed below are all the ingredients needed to follow the full Soul Medicine meal experiences. As mentioned in my welcome video, it is entirely up to you to choose, but I have structured the brunches and dinners as how I would create on the Soul Medicine retreats that Trish and I put together. One thing to remember is ‘no stress, no strain’ – I am here to help you as your very own dial-a-chef! – you can get me on WhatsApp 00 44 7532 160 230 or email [email protected]

We all know that food is thy medicine, but it should also be fun and always made with love and a big serving of gratitude. These beautiful recipes are for you to keep and hopefully come back time and time again – or whenever you need some Soul Medicine!


Love Tess x


Please note – the recipes are based on 2-4 people so please adjust accordingly if cooking for yourself. But remember, all my recipes are great to freeze or keep to eat the next day or two!

Vegetables (organic would be preferable)

4 white onions

1 bulb of garlic

2 red onions

2 red peppers

1 courgette

5 carrots

4 sweet potatoes

3 bunches of asparagus

2 aubergines

4 raw beetroots

1 potato

2 avocado

1 broccoli

1 packet of chestnut mushrooms

1 head of fresh ginger

Your choice of watercress/rocket/spinach

Fresh Herbs

2 bunches of coriander

1 bunch of thyme

1 bunch of mint

1 bunch of parsley

Fresh Fruit (organic would be preferable)

5 apples (braeburn/gala/jazz are all good)

4 oranges

4 lemons

1 pomegrante

5 plums

1 punnet of blackberries

Dry and Grocery Goods

Extra virgin olive oil (light if possible)

Coconut oil


3 jars of chickpeas

Organic vegetable stock (Swiss Marigold is brilliant)

1 jar of butterbeans

2 tins of tomatoes

1 tube of tomato puree

1 packet of mung beans

Red rice or wholemeal rice

Barley couscous (or quinoa)

Jar of roasted peppers

2 tins of coconut milk

1 packet of chia seeds

Maple syrup (or honey or agave)

Coconut sugar

Vanilla extract

Chickpea (gram) flour

Dried fruit and nuts

1 packet pitted prunes

1 packet sultanas

1 packet almonds

1 packet walnuts

1 packet hazelnuts

1 packet cashews

1 packet medjool dates

1 desiccated coconut

1 packet raw cacao (or organic cocoa powder)

1 packet of Maca powder

Dried Spices & Herbs

You may already have these at home, you only need small quantities.

Maldon sea salt and black pepper

Dried garlic powder


Fennel seeds

Smoked paprika

Curry powder

Ground cumin and cumin seeds

Ground cinnamon and sticks if possible

Ground coriander and coriander seeds

Ground ginger

Bay leaves

Chilli flakes

Ras-el-hanout (Moroccan tagine spice)

Dukkah (Egyptian spice and seed blend)


On retreats, I do use certain types of dairy including local organic eggs and amazing kefir yogurt, which in Ibiza is goat or sheep. This might be difficult to source, but kefir is readily available now worldwide.

6 organic free range eggs (if you are feeding for a family of 4, you will need 12 eggs. If you are vegan substitute the eggs for 1 block of firm organic tofu)

4 small cartons of kefir yogurt

2 small tubs of natural greek yogurt (if vegan, substitute for a plant based, unsweetened)

1 litre carton of non dairy milk, unsweetened (oat/almond/coconut)

1 small block of Manchego cheese (sheep) or Pecorino cheese (sheep)


500g pack frozen peas

500g pack broadbeans

Optional Extras Ingredients

1 raw beetroot

1/2 red cabbage

6 tomatoes

1/2 cucumber

Bunch of red grapes

1 head celery

Berries of your choice for Overnight Oats

Apple cider vinegar

Mustard seeds to grow cress

1 packet black lentils

1 small jar nigella seeds

1 packet Buckweat flour

1 jar Dijon mustard

White wine vinegar

1 pakcet pumpkin seeds

1 packet organic oats

Suggested Equipment

High speed blender (such as a NutriBullet)

Food processor would be ideal for chopping and grating

A stick blender for making soups

All your usual kitchen items; chopping board, knives, vegetable peeler, grater, baking trays, muffin tin etc.