The techno lord from Los Angeles takes uson his tour of Tofu


A record that always reminds you of Ibiza

Sian – “Shame Cube” (Marc Houle Remix)

Your perfect breakfast would be…

Avocado toast, fried mushroom and tomato, tofu sausages and vegan cream cheese, served by Joan of Arc.

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

Jack fruit – it’s like fake meat, but a fruit!

Jackfruits grow on the branches and trunks of tall trees. You don't wait to harvest until they drop of their own accord — by that time, they'd be overrip

The dish that reminds me of my childhood

Tofurky hot dogs


Who taught you to cook?

Myself, which explains the disaster.

Your favourite 3 restaurants in your home city Los Angeles



Night + Market


Gracias Madre


5 other restaurants from around the world you love

Cereria Barcelona, Cafe Charlot (Paris), L’Gueuleton (Dublin), Hecho En Dumbo (NYC), Cafe Gitane (NYC).

A DJ or musician that has surprised you with their cooking skills…what did they cook

Cold Burn can make amazing lemon grass broth with goat cheese profiteroles.


Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…


What is your signature dish?

Tofu Meatballs and Marinara sauce


If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

Delia Smith, as she always has everything prepared, already.

Delia Smith at the Norwich City, Carrow Road Ground, Norwich, Britain - 20 May 2010

Dead or alive – 3 famous people you would invite around for dinner…

Hemingway, Ghandi, Beetlejuice.

A dish you have yet to master…

Vegan Eggs Benedict


Your favourite pizza topping



Your biggest ever food cock up

Set fire to a pan of oil with…you guessed it – Tofu.

A dish you just cannot stomach


You get in from the club pissed, dive in the fridge and usually come out with…?

Kind bars and Late July tortilla chips


The most expensive meal you have ever had?

Any of my own birthdays that I’ve paid for myself!

The most disgusting thing you have ever eaten at a festival

Meat by mistake…think it was goat or horse.

The last time you used a cook book for a meal…

When I was 12…did not end well.


My favourite restaurants on the island…

Bio Bites


The best sunset spot for a cold drink…



Your favourite Ibiza dish



The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Canoe out from the coast, swim all day with dinner at Bambuddha Grove outside by the trees…and then hit ENTER.