Sandro Silva

LoveFoodIbiza checks in with the Dutch superstar…


A record that always reminds you of Ibiza

That’s pretty easy, Vengaboys, ‘Back To Ibiza…haha. Childhood memories

The perfect breakfast would be…

Fish fingers on toast, love it


The dish that reminds me of my childhood

Spaghetti Bolognaise, one of my favorite dishes ever

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

We had all kinds of bugs when we were in Mexico one time, I still get sick of it when I think about it ugh…

mexico insects food

Who taught you to cook?

My mom and Google

Your favourite 3 restaurants in The Netherlands?

Momiji in Den Haag, Okura in Amsterdam and Opporto Rotterdamn (below)


A DJ that has surprised you with their cooking skills…what did they cook

Wiwek cooked me a toasted cheese sandwich with tomatoes one time haha, still good though!

Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…

Kebab with fries and garlic sauce. So bad but so good!

What is your signature dish

I love to make quinoa dishes with a lot of veggies with meat or fish on the side

If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

Gordon Ramsey, just so I can hear him curse

The most you have ever spent on a meal

Almost 500eu. I love good food and I’m okay to spent money for it if its good!

Dead or alive – 3 people from history/celebrities you would invite around for  dinner…

Drake, Megan Fox and Michael Jackson

A dish you have yet to master…

Risotto, still hard to do for me!

Your favourite pizza topping



Your biggest ever food cock up

Noodles that I overcooked. It tasted like shit…

Some restaurants from around the world you adore

Nobu and De Librije

A dish you just cannot stomach

Everything related with chocolate. Might sound weird but I hate it

My favourite 3 restaurants on the island…

I only know one really good place where I always try to go and it is BFOR

The best sunset spot for a cold drink…


Your favourite Ibiza dish



The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

See the Island and beautiful beaches/nature. Get back, have great dinner with sunset and then go out to one of the many clubs!