Sam Feldt

The Dutch superstar signed to Spinnin’ tells us about his skills with the grillin’…

You have travelled all over the world, what is the most unusual food you have ever tried?

I lived on the Caribbean island of Curacao for 6 months and during my time there I was invited to try fried grasshoppers, a local speciality. I was hesitant at first because the first sight of a fried grasshopper is not something you would call appetizing but it ended up tasting really good. I heard they are really healthy as well and contain a great amount of protein.


The dish that reminds you most of your childhood?

That would be green beans, rice and tofu based satay that my mother used to make for me a lot – which is not a good memory, haha. She was both busy and vegetarian so meal choices were limited and we ended up eating the same dishes a lot. One of them was the beans rice & satay meal which I really didn’t like too much, but is well imprinted in my memory.

Do you cook? If so, what is your signature dish?

Definitely! I really enjoy cooking – for myself or for other people. I don’t really have one particular signature dish but I really enjoy preparing a good salmon fillet the right way. Cover in salt, pepper, lime juice, olive oil and garlic and place it in a preheated pan to cook. Add a splash of soy sauce and a splash of Japanese sake in the pan and cover with spring onions. Yum!

Your guilty pleasure food?

Kapsalon. Okay, this might need some explanation, haha. Kapsalon means “barber shop” in Dutch but is also a dish you can order at Dutch shoarma/kebab places. It boasts over 2000 calories per serving so it’s definitely a guilty pleasure food that should be eaten only when drunk or hung over. It consists of fries, topped with döner meat, grilled with a layer of Gouda cheese and then covered with a layer of salad greens. Oh, and there is a lot of garlic & sambal sauce in and between every layer, as well as on top of the dish.


If you could have a masterclass with any master chef…who would it be and why?

I’d love to have a masterclass by Gordon Ramsay. Not because I particularly like his food or style of cooking, but because I’d love to see him get mad and start yelling at me. It would feel like such an honor.

What countries do you love returning to, to sample their cuisine?

I really enjoy good Spanish tapas, and the best place to have it is in Barcelona. I was there last summer and had so many good tapas food that you can’t find somewhere else (of the same quality). We have a lot of tapas bars in the Netherlands for example, but I’ve yet to discover one that serves dishes of the quality that the tapas bars in Spain do. I really want to go to India sometime too. I love Indian food and have been to a lot of great Indian restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad, but I really want to experience the “real thing” over there myself.

Your favourite restaurant in the world?

It’s been a place called SaSaZu in Prague for over a year now. Two weeks ago I visited again and it was as good as always. The restaurant is a bit out of the city center (but definitely worth the drive) and serves tapas-sized Asian Fusion dishes that really tickle the tongue. I always visit the place when I’m in the area. The place looks really nice from the inside too and the prices are really low compared to the quality you’re getting (around 80 euros for 2 persons including wine and dessert).


A dish you just cannot stomach?

None. If it’s prepared properly, I’ll eat anything.

What DJ has cooked great food for you?

To be honest, I have yet to discover a great DJ that is also a great cook, haha. A better question might be: what DJ is the worst cook, in which case the answer would be Jay Hardway.


Check out Sam starring at Multiply with Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens on July 24th/August 14th at Ushuaia