Ramiro Lopez

España enters the DJ Chef World Championships! DJ Sneak, Sasha, Sven…watch out!!!

The record you put on in the morning to start the day with a smile…

Survivor – ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – gives me a big smile and lot of good energy to start the day.

Now then young man, word reaches LoveFoodIbiza that if you hadn’t have become a DJ and producer you would have gone into the world of food as a chef? Who taught you?

I tend to say food and cooking is my second passion so certainly I could have been a professional chef. I find many similarities between both worlds (music and food). I wouldn’t disregard having a small restaurant in the future.  I have to say I’m basically self-taught on this. I used to see my father cooking on the weekends and helped him but I started to try simple things by my own and it turned out I had a knack for it.

What is about the world of food that first caught your attention?

I’ve enjoyed food since I was a child and going to a new restaurant to try new things could make my day but maybe from watching cooking TV shows was when I decided to try and cook. ‘Arguiñano’s TV Show’ was the first one I saw.

What is your speciality dish?

My friends always say my ‘Rabo de Toro’ is off the hook. LOL – it’s a bull’s tail stew. I usually cook it during winter for a reunion with my friends. It’s very tasty but it’s too heavy. I’m always trying new recipes. Right now, I’m really into healthy food, such as, vegetables and fish.


The perfect breakfast would be…

Oat flakes with yogurt, fruits and cinnamon. Toast with tomato and extra virgin olive oil with a thin slice of ‘Jamón Iberico.’ Sparkling water, tea and a beer on a special day.

The dish that reminds me of my childhood…

My grandmother’s spaghetti with minced meat, tomato sauce and paté  ‘La Piara’ (famous paté from Spain).

Your 5 favourite restaurants in Spain are…

Tapería Gaudy – close to my hometown.

Dassa Bassa by Darío Barrio, who sadly passed away last year.

Xinito Oriental and Sushi Restaurant – big menu, all delicious.

Passion Ibiza – natural, wholesome food.

Meson El Pastor for the best traditional lamb in Spain.


The best restaurant in…

North America

I have only been in the USA three times and just visited fast food restaurants! LOL. I remember I enjoyed Jackson’s Hole in NYC but I’m sure there are many better ones. I’m about to get my visa and start touring there so I’ll discover new places soon.


I don’t remember names but Tokyo was a delightful experience regarding food. Also, I enjoyed a beautiful restaurant which my friend Arjun Vagale took me to when we were in Goa, India.


Not many experiences from here either. I’ve been in a couple of good restaurants but one was Indian food and the other Italian. Looking forward to visiting others soon.

A DJ that has surprised you with their cooking skills…what did they cook?

The Valencia-based guys AFFKT and Darlyn Vlys. They both invited me to their houses and cooked for me. Marc [Martinez Nadal of AFFKT] made some traditional dishes like ‘tortilla de patata’ but was all super tasty. Vlys cooked typical Valencia rice [paella] in the oven and it was delicious (even though he is from France).

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

I’ve tried the weirdest things in Asia, particularly in Beijing. The promoter of a gig I played took me to a restaurant with local food that didn’t even have an English menu. I trusted her and let her order whatever she wanted. I remember some small fish in a spicy soup…it didn’t look good to me upon first view but was tasty. Actually, all the food was delicious.

A piece of food you just can’t stomach?

I can eat almost everything except some weird stuff from Asian like rotten eggs, some kinds of insects – that hardcore stuff is not for me.


Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…

I love dark chocolate. I always keep some squares of different chocolates. I try not to eat too often but whenever I have a piece, it’s hard to stop eating!

If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

I admire and follow many Spanish chefs but I might choose Ferran Adrià. He is a genius and visionary and takes his food and cooking one step beyond.

When I know I am in the studio all night I make sure the fridge is full of…

Normally I don’t work at night but you’ll always find beers and sparkling water inside.

The best and worst food you have ever tried at a festival?

Sónar by Day had amazing sandwich stores this year. I found one festival selling Peruvian food, which was so tasty. On the other hand, there have been some disgusting hot dogs at one festival but I forgot the name…

Dead or alive – 5 people from history/celebrities you would invite around for dinner…

Steve Jobs

Joaquín Reyes (Spanish comedian)

Rafael Nadal

Freddie Mercury


A dish you have yet to master…

Sushi, I’m not doing bad but making a great one is a difficult art.

The country you love returning to, to sample their cuisine the most…



My favourite restaurant on the island…

One of them is Estado Puro by Paco Roncero. It’s a tapas bar taking to the grande cuisine.


An album you love driving around the island listening to…

Caribou – ‘Swim’

A perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Spending the morning in Cala Benirrás enjoying the beach, have ‘bullit de peix’ for a late lunch and then a good nap. Wake up in time to see the sunset. Have some sushi and drinks and after that, go to a party in one of the many amazing clubs.

The best paella is at…

Paella de Marisco at El Carmen, Cala D´Hort.

The best sunset spot for a cold drink…

Sunset Ashram in Cala Conta has amazing views.


The best Ibiza picnic beach

I’ve never taken food to the beach in Ibiza… maybe sushi to take away from Sushi Lovers?

A record that always reminds you of Ibiza…

Energy 52 – ‘Café del Mar’

…what is coming out next from you studio wise and where can we catch you in Ibiza this summer?

I just released my first EP with Octopus Recordings. My second EP with Intec (Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s label) is coming out in September. I keep working on some exciting projects and I have lots of unreleased stuff which i’m using to complete some of my ‘targets,’ so hopefully I will have more good news soon.

This year is gonna be so busy in Ibiza. I have nine gigs confirmed between Suara at Sankeys, Blue Marlin and Space. By the way, to celebrate this I’m giving away a free track so if you wanna have it, just visit my social media.


See Ramiro play in Ibiza on the below dates:

July 18th – Suara @ Blue Marlin

July 22nd – Raw Change @ Space Ibiza

July 31st – Suara @ Sankeys Ibiza

August 14th – Suara @ Sankeys

August 28th – Suara @ Sankeys

September 4th – Suara @ Sankeys

September 5th – Intec Allstars @ Blue Marlin

September 25th – Suara @ Sankeys (Closing Party)