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Sunday 9th

7 pm Dinner: Babotti – fruity curried lentils, mushrooms with a turmeric topping.

Roasted broccoli, spelt and a ancient grain salad with hazelnuts.

Dessert: Raw vegan carrot cake with seasonal fruits.

Monday 10th

Breakfast: Homemade nut butter and jam with gluten free breads.

1 pm Lunch: Sweetcorn fritters, poached eggs, crushed avocado and chipotle roasted tomatoes.

7pm Dinner: Vegetable tagine with barley-herb couscous, ras-el-hanut aubergines, tahini and pomegranate.

Dessert: Homemade coconut ice cream with pineapple, mango and passion fruit.

Tuesday 11th

Breakfast: Seasonal fruit platter, maple yoghurt and cacao granola.

1pm Lunch: Roasted cauliflower pea falafel, quinoa tabuleh, cucumber & beetroot and Lebanese fatoush salad.

7 pm Dinner: Seasonal vegan lasagne with black truffle CBD oil.

Sprouted salad with marinated feta.

Dessert: Collagen jelly with whipped coconut cream.

Wednesday 12th

Breakfast: Creamy overnight oats with seasonal fruits.

1pm Lunch: Baked sweet potatoes, tahini, asparagus and turmeric chickpeas.

Waldorf salad: celery, apples, grapes and walnuts with a creamy Dijon mustard sauce.

7 pm Dinner: Ayurvedic coconut curry, roasted cauliflower, aubergines and lentils with mushroom coriander rice.

Dessert: Fruity baked apples with maple syrup and almond custard.

Thursday 13th

Breakfast: Mediterranean breakfast mezze.

1pm Lunch: Baked local ricotta, garden herbs, romesco sauce and slow roasted tomatoes.

Crunchy vegetable rainbow raw’slaw.

7pm Dinner: Chilli sin carne with black beans, a touch of cacao, wild rice and chipotle yogurt.

Sunshine salad, marinated feta, avocado, oranges and chicory.

Dessert: Ibiza Love Balls.

Friday 14th

Breakfast: Pick-me-up oaty fruit energy bars.

1pm Lunch: Chakra rainbow love bowls with warm satay sauce.

8pm Dinner: Thai green curry with a crunchy Vietnam raw salad and brown rice.

Dessert: Vegan chocolate orange mousse with pistachio praline.

Saturday 15th

Breakfast: Mediterranean vegetable fritatta with seasonal salad.

1pm Lunch Aubergine humus, Muhumara, raw veggies and corn tortilla chips.

Butternut squash, ginger and coconut soup.

Dinner: Out to dinner at La Paloma.

Sunday 16th

Breakfast: Creamy chia and oats with warm plums and blackberries.