Paul Oakenfold

One of the reasons we love Paul Oakenfold at LoveFoodIbiza…


You are renowned for your culinary skills in the kitchen – who or what inspired you to get cooking in the first place?

Probably my mother. She made amazing English roast dinners

What has been the hardest dish to master?


You have travelled all over the world DJing, what is the most unusual food you have ever tried?


Ibiza before our eyes is becoming one of the culinary hot spots in the world. Where are some of the places you enjoy dining at on the white isle?

El Barco, Ses Boques, El Chiringuito, Sa Capella, Lio, Barathia


What is your favourite restaurant in the world?

Inaga, microbiotic food here in LA. You feel amazing after every meal there

If you could have a master class from a celebrity chef, who would you choose?

Anthony Bourdain

A dish you miss from your childhood?

Traditional English Roast. I don’t have it enough in the states

It is incredible the amount of DJs who admit to love cooking. What fellow DJs and producers have you had the pleasure of experiencing their food?

Too many, Ive even been a judge at the ADE Cook Off


Your perfect hangover food…

Bloody Mary

A dish you just cannot stomach?