Nicole Moudaber

The undisputed Queen of Techno tells us about her days in Nigeria and Lebanon…


What is the food that reminds you most of your childhood?

Chicken and yam with peanut sauce. I used to have this every Sunday in Lagos and used to make it a point to eat it with my two fingers, the Nigerian way. It wasn’t really allowed at home and I remember having fights with my parents insisting to eat it this way because it was real and more tasty.

You organised parties in Lebanon back in the day, what food memories are relived when you think of those days?

Lebanese food is very Mediterranean, We take pride in making the best hummus in the world, I know Israel and Turkey talk about hummus, but honey this is ours. No questions about that. We go south or north with friends either on the beach or the mountains to have a proper food session, we are very rich in varieties. Lunch normally lasts three or four hours with several dishes and a massive mixed grill and sweets for the finale.”


Where are some of your favourite restaurants in Ibiza?

Pastis in Ibiza Town (below) for some French high end cuisine. Balafia serves only grills in San Juan, Los Pasageros on the old port when it used to be there, not the new one in Botafoch – it’s a shame how this authentic place got sucked into the glamour and lost its charm along the way.”


What is your favourite country from around the world to visit for their food and why?

“I’m not that much of a foodie and I know it’s a trend right now and everyone wants to be a foodie. I eat everything, I tend to lean around fast cars, boats, bikes and jets – ask me anything on that subject. Lebanon has great food I have to say and high quality ingredients, it’s all fresh. I know in my house back home we press our own olive oil, we request the meat to be sent from the mountains of north Lebanon and we only get organic food in the house. So I would say my home in Beirut has the best food in the world. I may be biased though.”


Can you cook?

I don’t unfortunately, it’s very therapeutic for many apparently but mine is cleaning, that’s my therapy. I have learned how to do a few things lately, I got my George Foreman grill and now I just have to slam the meat or chicken in for 5 minutes et voila! I can boil eggs, rice and make a mean salad. Oh I got the Bullit Juicer now, I’m getting creative with my smoothies also.”

What is your favourite pizza topping?

“Pizza love. My hangover cure! Well it used to be as I don’t party anymore except on special occasions. Thin crust with Peperoni or rocket and goat cheese.”


A food that just doesn’t go down well with you?

“Lobster and some shell fish, I developed an allergy recently.”

Has a famous DJ ever cooked for you?

“Carl Cox is a great cook!!”