Mr Belt & Wezol

The Dutch superstars who just LOVE their burgers!!


A record that always reminds you of Ibiza

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix)

Your perfect breakfast would be…

Bart (Mr. Belt): Yoghurt with some fruit!


Sam (Wezol): Oatmeal!

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

Bart: Camel…but it tasted like chicken!


Sam: Whale, it was awesome.


The dish that reminds me of my childhood

Bart: A Dutch fried fish dish called Kibbeling.


Sam: A feestbanaan, it’s a banana sliced up in pieces with whipped cream and sugar flakes on top. My mom used to make it for me when I was sick.

Who taught you to cook?

Bart: My dad and my job during high school in an Italian bar.

Sam: The internet.

Your favourite 3 restaurants in your home town Delft







5 other restaurants from around the world you love

Chipotle, Moe’s, Five Guys Burger, Burger Priest and In N Out. We love burgers.

A DJ or musician that has surprised you with their cooking skills…what did they cook

Hmmm, we have never seen another DJ cook actually. We heard some good stories about Seth Troxler’s cooking event during Amsterdam Dance Event though!


Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…



What is your signature dish?

Bart: Pasta Carbonara


Sam: Pancakes


If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

Bart: Gordon Ramsay I think! Such an interesting character!

Sam: Rudolph from this Dutch TV channel ’24 kitchen’.


Dead or alive – 3 famous people you would invite around for dinner…

Bart: 1. Ricky Gervais 2. Jennifer Lawrence 3. Leonardo Di Caprio

Sam: 1. Shigeru Miyamoto 2. Koji Kondo 3. Justin Long

A dish you have yet to master…

Bart: Indonesian cuisine!

Sam: Making Sushi.


Your favourite pizza topping

Sam: Tough one, it’s the combo that makes it delicious so I’d have to go with a pepperoni, paprika, ham, olives and mushroom combo.

Bart: Salami!


Your biggest ever food cock up

We made a pizza with M&M’s a few months back…

A dish you just cannot stomach

We eat everything!

You get in from the club pissed, dive in the fridge and usually come out with…?

Bart: Panini.

Sam: Donuts are the perfect hangover food! Although I don’t keep those in the fridge…


The most expensive meal you have ever had?

We ate sushi for more than 200 dollars once. That’s pretty expensive right?

The most disgusting thing you have ever eaten at a festival

Definitely those wet cold fries, drenched in fat!

The last time you used a cook book for a meal…

One and half years ago when we tried to make muffins!


…is a beautiful island!

Your favourite restaurants on the island…

We have only ever eaten at the hotels, so we haven’t had a chance to explore yet…

The best sunset spot for a cold drink…

Grab a cold beer from the supermarket and sit on the benches near Café Mambo, twice the comfort for less than half the price!

Your favourite Ibiza dish



The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Arriving, checking into a hotel with a swimming pool near the beach. Jump into that pool and watch the sun set. Then get some paella and play a great DJ set at Ushuaia!