Lisa Chadderton

One of Ibiza’s finest resident DJs opens up her kitchen for LoveFoodIbiza…


The track that always reminds me of Ibiza

Wow! Ha ha now you’re asking, sooooo much music reminds me of Ibiza from different times in my life and with different special people.  I guess the track that still stands out to this day that reminds me of my first ever visit here in 1994 or 95  is ‘The Bomb’ by the Bucketheads.  I can’t have been more than 17 years old.  I remember it seeming like forever waiting for the break to drop and then when it did everyone just going completely mental.  I think it’s safe to say I was hooked right there and then!

The perfect breakfast would be…

The breakfast I eat most days is the perfect breakfast for me – lots of fresh fruit, Greek yoghurt, honey and nuts.  However, if I was feeling indulgent then it would have to be a Full English with English sausages and bacon, baked beans, hash browns, fried tomatoes, scrambled eggs and yes black pudding…in bed! That’s a rare treat though.


Who taught you to cook?

No one really, it just started to come out naturally, especially when I moved to Ibiza and I lived on my own for the first time, I started spending hours pottering in the kitchen in the winter, I love it.

What’s your favourite restaurant in your home town of Blackburn?

I’ll be honest, Blackburn’s not bursting with gastronomical powerhouses.  There’s a few good restaurants but my favourite place to eat out when I go home is my Aunty’s Cafe on Blackburn Market, it’s been around for more than 50 years and they still make all these traditional homemade pies and puddings in the same way – it’s very naughty but I do get spoiled when I go there and a very warm welcome.

A dish that reminds me of my childhood…

The dish that most reminds me of my childhood is a good old fashioned Lancashire Hot Pot, slightly overdone so that the potatoes go crispy on top mmmmm! My sister and I used to fight over the crispy ones haha! I had completely forgotten about that until now.


My guilty pleasure food, I know I shouldn’t but I always do…

Cake. Of all forms and varieties (except lemon meringue) . But I don’t feel guilty about it, just pleasure!

A dish I can’t stomach…

Lemon Meringue.

My favourite pizza topping

I am a sucker for a good pizza and will usually drive people insane by taking so long to choose my topping only to end up going for the same thing – I’m not averse to taking a risk in most areas of life but this is different.  No one wants to be saddled with the wrong pizza!  I like spicy pepperoni/salami.  I also like 4 cheeses. Give me the two together and I’m a happy woman.  I’ve never seen this in Ibiza but in Leeds I used to love the duck and hoi sin sauce pizza at BRB (below)…bring that back!


Has a DJ ever surprised you with their cooking skills?

I’m not that surprised when DJs are good cooks.  I find a lot of DJs love to be in the kitchen throwing a bit of this and that together in a creative and colourful way, just like being behind the decks or in the studio.  Buckley makes a good curry, but you have to be patient because he talks alot while he’s cooking haha! A trait we share!

Dead or alive. 3 celebrities I’d have round for dinner…

I’m not a big follower of celebrities so I’d choose three people from history. My dream three would be John Lennon, Emily Pankhurst and Martin Luther King. Three people who believed in something and made a big difference to the world either in music or human rights, two things I also care about alot.

A celebrity chef I’d love a masterclass with…

I’d probably choose Jamie Oliver as he is really passionate and is a bit of a cheeky chappie, so I think he’d be a laugh in the kitchen. I love the way he’s raising awareness of things like healthy school dinners back in the UK and educating people about sugar addiction, the global impact of Coca Cola etc.  He’s actually making a difference to the way ordinary families eat back home.  I find that far more impressive than fancy, overpriced plate decoration!

My signature dish….

Hmmm there’s a few – for the veggie’s it would probably be Moroccan Chickpea Stew…


…veggie lasagne or mushroom risotto.  Most people don’t like cooking risotto but it’s a worthwhile labour of love in my eyes.


For the carnivores my chicken breasts stuffed with pesto and cream cheese and wrapped in parma ham always goes down well, served with sweet potato mash plus rocket & parmesan salad.


I also make alot of soup, it’s a bit of an obsession during Ibiza Winter’s .  I like soup because it’s easy to make, healthy and nutritious and gives you that comfort feeling at this time of year.  My faves are spicy butternut squash soup and carrot and red pepper. I love to leave one on a low simmer, go for a Winter walk up the beach and then come in red nosed and enjoy. Simple but delicious!

A dish I have still to master…

Desserts, I’ve always been a starter and mains person when it comes to cooking, I really don’t know why as I love desserts but it’s just not an area I’ve spent much time on in the kitchen.  This is a trend I must reverse at once! It’s time I got my bake on.  Another high priority Winter project.


My favourite 3 restaurants on the island are

Now this is a tough one as we are blessed with a great variety of restaurants here but 3 that spring to mind are…

Restaurant Sa Calleta – It’s perched on a cliff overlooking a pretty beach cove and has a romantic feel with a bit of Ibiza magic! The Cafe Caleta deserves it’s famous reputation, brought out after dinner in a huge old hot pot that’s set alight at the table, it’s got the wow factor and is very heart warming after a good nosh up!


La Paloma – I love this lazy, idyllic setting tucked away in the countryside of San Lorenzo.  The food is all really fresh and healthy incorporating vegetables and herbs grown in their gardens.  Really lovely people, passionate about what they do. Bingo.


Leena Sharma’s house – ha ha! OK it’s not a restaurant but it’s the best place to get a good curry on this island, FACT! Apparently the waiting list for tables is 1 year! My number’s up this week, I’m wetting myself with excitement.

Best sunset spot for a cool drink….

Kumharas in San Antonio is a great sunset spot and a fabulous alternative to the crowds at the more famous San An sunset spots  in high season.  It’s got a really good bohemian vibe about it and always has excellent DJ’s and live bands, a groovy little hippy market and great restaurant too, I’ve got a lot of love for that spot.


My perfect 24 hours in Ibiza

These days it’s the simple things that make my day, it’s hard not be happy here when you are surrounded by such stunning nature and generally laidback, leftfield people!  Today felt like a perfect day to me and it involved sunshine, spending a lot of time alone on the beach meditating and sleeping, later on being joined by some girlfriends for coffee, giggles and deep chats about life and love, going to spend an hour with a special group of people I’ve come to regard as family, cooking up a big pot of stew, finding some cool new music and achieving my most important personal goal for the day.  I’m very grateful for the life I have on this island today.  It’s a gift.