Every year in Ibiza a superstar is well and truly born. Here is the man from 2015 that has taken this season’s trophy…


Your perfect breakfast would be…

Croissant and a beer at Croissant Show in Ibiza Town after a long night DJing. On a good day, the morning show there is fantastic.

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

I think Bullfrog is probably the most unusual I’ve eaten. Was really delicious too.

The dish that reminds you of my childhood

Irish Lamb stew. If it’s made right, it still brings a tear to my eye. I used to eat it with my Dad who passed away in 2004.


Who taught you to cook?

I taught myself, but some basics I picked up while I worked in an open kitchen when I was 18. We would cook for everyone who needed a cheap healthy meal. A lot of homeless people used to come there.

My favourite 3 restaurants in Denmark are…

1. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. For me this is probably the best restaurant in the world right now. High end dining, with a menu that changes every week. Also they have one of Europe’s best wine cellars…


2. The Set. This is only for select people. It’s nearly a private dining experience and the food is out of this world. I had my birthday there.

3. Noma.  Of course.


Why is Copenhagen the new food capital of the world?

In the north, we have recently discovered how amazing our own produce is. We have amazing tastes and textures, and it has taken some time, to fine tune our own style. All our vegetables, battle the snow and cold all winter, and the result is a more intense and deep flavour.

Our seafood is much more delicate due to the cold water it lives in, and we are very conscious about Organic farming aswell.

The new Nordic cuisine was invented at Noma, but a lot of the earlier souchefs, have since left and opened their own restaurants and bars. They all have their version of what is considered Nordic food, so the Copenhagen food scene is super vibrant and exciting.

You have finished second in the Danish Master Chef twice. Wow. What made you want to enter in the first place?

I love to cook, and they offered me a lot of money to do it. I don’t think they knew I would make it that far.

Were you nervous?

Not really. Cooking an omelette on TV is just fun.

What were your secret dishes that you had ready to cook?

I usually improvise, so I didn’t have any secret dishes lined up. Since we never knew what we had to work with, it was more about perfecting different techniques in advance. I used a lot of poaching and fast pickling in my dishes, to incorporate acidity and softness in an exciting way. It was important for me to showcase various flavors and textures, as we would often be limited to a few ingredients.

Do you think you should have won?

The two round final was the very difficult All stars round and we had to copy the  Bocuse D´or winner menu in 1.5 hours. It was an extremely complicated menu and I was up against a very talented chef who runs a cooking school. I had just played 3 shows that weekend, and I was just too tired. I simply had no energy left. To be fair, he is technically superior to me, so it was a fair win.

A DJ that has surprised you with their cooking skills…what did they cook?

Seth Troxler is a very good chef. I was judging the ADE cook off and he made Veil tongue. He was miles ahead of the competition.

Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…

I’m a sucker for Turkish Sac Kavurma. It’s oily, but just so good.


What is your signature dish?

It constantly changes with the seasons. at the moment its rabbit with mint and Pear white wine sauce, with lentils cooked in chicken and Hierbas stock.  Ibiza has so much great produce to offer.

If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

Ferran Adrià for sure. He inspired a world and I would love to pick he’s mind on innovation and how to think off ingredients so purely. I think he a has a very passionate approach to understanding the elements of cooking.

Dead or alive – 3 people from history/celebrities you would invite around for dinner…

Elvis Presley, Louis the 14th and Anthony Bourdain.


A dish you have yet to master…

No dishes as such, but I still have to learn how to use less ingredients and still make it taste good.

The country you love returning to, to sample their cuisine…

Thailand. The street food is the best in the world.

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When I am a DJing extended sets I usually call out for…

BANANAS!!!! they taste great, and the come in their own wrapping!!

My favourite restaurant on the island…

Port Balansat.


The best sunset spot for a cold drink…

Cala Conte. (I do have a soft spot for people watching at Cafe Mambo too though).

When you think of Ibiza and food you think of…


A perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Breakfeast at Wild Beets. Daytrip to Atlantis. Lunch at Fish Shack. Sunset at Cala Conte. ANTS!!! Pre-dinner drink on the stairs at Plaza del Sol in Dalt Vila. Dinner at Port Balansat. Kompakt at the Space Terasse.

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