Justin Harris

Viva Acid House! The Music For Freaks maestro serves up a feast…

You have travelled all over the world, what is the most unusual food you have ever tried?

Hmm… there’s been a few but I think the most unusual was un-pasteurized sheeps milk in Azerbaijan – it was warm and very very weird – especially with a banging hangover…not to be repeated, ever.


The dish that reminds you most of your childhood?

Fish pie with boiled eggs and peas in it and a thick crusty mashed potato and cheese topping – winner

Do you cook? If so, what is your signature dish?

I do a mean seafood linguine – has to be made with a really good white wine and home made pasta preferably


Your guilty pleasure food?

Fried chicken, fries and a large coke – nom!!!

Your favourite restaurant in London…

Zuma – an amazing Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge – a dream dinner venue for me!!!


If you could have a masterclass with any master chef…who would it be and why?

Not really very up to date on chef’s to be honest, but if pushed to answer I’d say Tom Kerridge because he looks like he’d be up for a bit of a laugh and a pint or three of cider afterwards

Your favourite restaurants in Ibiza…

The best so far with great food and atmosphere in Ibiza Town was El Brasero which I visited with my wife for our anniversary (thanks Isidoro!)


And your favourite restaurant in the world?

Favourite in the world has to be an amazing (and I mean AMAZING) sushi place in Shibuya, Tokyo called Sushi Gonpachi…easily the best place I’ve ever eaten…Kobe Beef Sashimi – oh yes!!


What countries do you love returning to, to sample their cuisine?

Japan, Spain and France….

A dish you just cannot stomach?

Spam, Spam and Spam….I also hate Spam


Has a DJ ever cooked great food for you?

Rob Mello is an amazing chef – worth befriending for his food alone, he’s also a top bloke