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My career making delicious cocktails began in 1990 in a nightclub where I was working to pay for my studies. This new world of creation immediately became a huge passion for me and after taking over a small bar in Verona, I then spent many years combining wonderful summers on the Emerald Coast of Sardinia and winters in Florence. Both as you can imagine were magical. In 1998 I arrived in Milan at the bar of a Japanese restaurant where I developed classic aperitifs mixing sake, spices and fresh fruit and was where I met Mouji, now of course the owner of La Paloma. Three years later I started working in a restaurant where Mouji’s mother Prasuna was the Head Chef, I always think to myself it’s such a small world when you can meet the mother and daughter on separate occasions and at different times in our lives. Prasuna, Mouji and her husband moved to Ibiza and opened La Paloma and over the next six years Prasuna persistently wrote to me asking me to move to the island and run their bar.


One morning I looked at my life and thought, ‘Fiorella, it is now or never’. And that was that. I was basically at the point of my life where I needed a total lifestyle change and it was the best decision I have ever made. I arrived in March 2010 with the intention of developing a complete cocktail bar with total creative license…the first two years however I have to admit that I was mainly making mojitos! It was hard to introduce Italian style aperitif cocktails because it is a cultural custom, but I persevered by preparing classics like spritz, Ugo, Negroni, American and opened up a world that our clientele were ready to enjoy. Of course I like to make the classics such as caipiroska, caipirina, vodka sour and daiquiris – but always with a unique twist using a fresh fruit of the season andsome  beautiful herbs from the La Paloma garden. I am so happy here in Ibiza working with Prasuna and Mouji, my true satisfaction though comes from those who love my cocktails and come back for more. As for my secret? Passion is my secret!


Fiorella Tessarini’s Cocktail Of The Week


2 shots Cuba Rhum

½ fresh lime

½ shot rose syrup

Crushed fresh rose petals

Soda water

Crushed ice

Dried roses



Restaurante La Paloma is located in the San Lorenzo countryside.

Telefono : 971 32 55 43