Eva Pacifico
  The Queen of Kumharas

Your favourite record you put on in the morning to start the day with a smile?

Ufff….that changes every week! But an all time fave would be Fat Freddy’s Drop – Based On A True Story

The finest coffee in Ibiza…

Meke Coffee

Breakfast would be taken at where…and would be the perfect plate?

Out of Time Café’ in Plaza Parque – Buckwheat pancakes with fresh fruits

A dish that reminds you of your childhood…

Spaghetti tomato & mozzarella & basil


What food shop could you not live without in Ibiza and what do you buy there…

Meneghell…our Italian dealer- I find all fundamental Italian food, from Neapolitan pasta to burrata (mozzarella filled with cream), wines, prosciutto, parmesan, etc.

Best tapas on the island…

La Cava – in Vara de Rey

What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten?

I’m Italian! I don’t eat unusual things….I mean like crocodiles, snakes or so. One of my fav and mildly unusual its Strawberry Risotto.

Cocktails would be guzzled at…



What is your signature dish in the kitchen?

Pasta with pistachios pesto and fresh Ibicenco goat cheese

The best Italian restaurant in Ibiza?

La Paloma at S.Lorenzo

Dinner on a budget…

Es Pins – road of S. Juan

Dinner on no budget…

Elements at Benirras

What DJ is the best cook on the island and what have they cooked you?

Djs are cooking?? 🙂 Los Suruba – Paella de mariscos

After club chill at…

Aguas Blancas beach

Best sushi in Ibiza?

Kokoro – Sta Eulalia

Your guilty pleasures dish in Ibiza…

Lamb Focaccia at Paloma Café’


The most delicious paella can be found at…

Manuel el rey de la fideua (and paella) – Salinas

An album you love driving around Ibiza listening to…

My compilation Ocean Deep Ibiza

Check the teaser here…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI9OMrGhiZk&list=PLUSRfoOcUe4ZJqkNILqzJmZs1NhTWoiKm

The best pizza in Ibiza is at…

Macao – Sta Gertrudis

The best Hierbas on the island

At S.Juan Sunday Hippy Market by Toni

If you could have a masterclass with any celebrity chef who would it be and why?

Sorry, I don’t know any celebrity chef as I  haven’t had a TV for 25 years!!

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be

Wake up at some point – go down to the beach for a swim, a walk and a light snack and a smoothie. Prepare your body for the night. Come to check me DJing at Kumharas while you sip some cocktails for sunset and feel why we are so reverent about it. Have dinner there on the chill out lounges or head for the sweet village of Sta Gertrudis, for a lovely dinner in the square. Pre party at Veto, get in a punk mood while you down some Alhambra beer! When you have warmed up – it’s club time till the morning! I prefer to dance at my favourite venue in the campo…Namaste at Las Dalias – the most hippy party on planet Ibiza.

The perfect sunset tune…

Lenny Ibizarre – Aurora Borealis