Eric Morillo

Walking into Eric’s home nestled in the hills of Can Furnet you know immediately you are in the house of a superstar DJ. A booth that wouldn’t look out of place in any club in Ibiza, dozens of speakers dotted around and a pair of amplifiers that his neighbours must love at 5am. “Ha ha, they are the same size as the ones Pacha have” he chuckles as we head out to the garden to talk food. Tonight he is heading off to a restaurant that every DJ loves, The Fish Shack on the rocks of Talamanca…

“Ah man I love it there. It’s simple, quick, you have the view of Dalt Vila and the food is amazing.”

You must bump into people there all of the time?

“The last time Seth Troxler was there, Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber…it was like a DJ convention! The other restaurant in Talamanca that I have started to go to is The Harbour Club – it is hard to find really good seafood in Ibiza, but their curry clams, king crab legs and oysters are out of this world.”


I saw you heading out of the marina on a boat last week heading to Formentera, where gets the Morillo seal of approval over there?

“If I want a good business lunch I’ll go to Juan Y Andrea. Sure the prices are higher, but the food is a little better, it is quiet and they serve one of my favourite ever dishes which is the fried Raons fish. But for fun I head to Besos Beach, they have Jordi Ruz DJing, the food is very good and the girls love it there.”


Juan Y Andrea has been in the local press this week after a couple complained about the cost of their lunch…

“When Spain changed to the Euro prices here went through the roof – just like any high end tourist destination. That’s why my favourite places are the more rustic restaurants like Can Pilot in San Raphael and Cami de Balafia in the north which has the best meat and tomatoes in Ibiza. It’s family run, they’ve kept their prices low, it’s difficult to get a table and reminds me of the old days. On the other end of the scale and for a special treat, I head to Cipriani for some nice simple Italian food and the finest service imaginable. If I want to impress somebody, that’s where I go.”

You spent many years as a child growing up in Colombia, a country renowned for really tasty food…

“Oh man, how long have you got? Lechona (below) which is a whole pig stuffed with rice, onions, potatoes, peas and spices, then roasted for several hours until tender…you can get 100 portions out of that little baby. One of my biggest memories is when we used to go to this farm at the weekends and we’d have Sancocha, a thick soup made with root vegetables, different meats, flavored with herbs, garlic, onion, scallions and peppers and served with avocado, white rice and a hot aji picante sauce on the side. Also, the fruits of Colombia you will never get anywhere else in the world, just unbelievable. Guanabana which are these massive green fruits with a white flesh inside that tastes of strawberry, pineapple, citrus, coconut and banana all rolled into one. Mamoncillo which is a cross between a lychee and a lime that you have to bite into really hard and are just delicious. Guama also known as the ice-cream bean which you also have to bite into and eat this little white ball of felt inside. Also simple things like buying a mango in the street and sprinkling it with salt and lemon. Wonderful memories.”


One of the delicacies of Colombia is Hormigas Culonas which are ants that you roast. Dubfire loves to eat insects as they have so much protein in them, did you ever sample those little critters?

“I haven’t but I do like to think I will try everything once, something I owe to my uncle who was a strict disciplinarian. I remember this one time we were all sitting round the dinner table, I’d eaten all of the meat, left the fat on the side as per usual and asked if I could go out and play. He told me I wasn’t going anywhere until I’d cleared my plate, so through heavy sobs I had to eat this pile of cold, greasy fat. From that day on I was able to try anything, so bring me some ants Dan, I’ll give it a go!”

You then moved to New Jersey and was immediately surrounded by the sounds of reggae, hip hop and latino, music you normally associate with mouth watering street food?

“Well I was very lucky as my aunt and uncle followed us there and opened up a Spanish restaurant which is where I spent most days and nights eating. They had these insane stuffed potato balls called Papas Rellenas which you fill with meat or cheese that I used to eat all of the time. I loved their Colombian style Empanadas with beef, chicken or cheese in the middle and there was a huge Cuban community where we used to live, so one of my favourite things on the menu was Rabo – basically an Oxtail stew. And to really get the taste buds going? Sopa de Mondongo – a soup made from the stomach of a cow. Wow.”

Did any of their culinary skills rub off on you, do you have a speciality dish in the kitchen?

“I make a crazy paella that various chefs here in Ibiza have taught me how to perfect. Originally I’d make a Paella Valenciana made with green beans, chicken and rabbit, but it’s an acquired taste and the moment you tell people there’s a rabbit in it, they fucking freak out. So now I make a great seafood paella. And if I want to make a girl have an orgasm, I cook my lamb chops which are probably the best in the business. I marinade them with lots of lemon, garlic, salt and pepper and then leave them in the fridge for three days, by the time I cook them they are so soft and the aroma of lemon just incredible. There is not one person who has eaten them that has not telephoned me for the recipe the next day, they are out of this world.”


Everyone likes a pig out, what are some of your guilty pleasure foods?

“Oh man, I can get through a lot of Thai prawn crackers if I’m in the mood and also Magnum ice creams, especially the caramel and white chocolate ones…I can quite easily get through three or four of those bad boys in a night.”