DJ Sneak

If he’s not giggin’, he’s grillin’


The world is going to love your new mini doc series based around your I’m A House Gangster movement. The promo is a killer dude. What can you reveal about the series…?

We mostly focus on lifestyle, culture, music and meats on the BBQ. Everything we are in real life. I’m over the boring after hours vibe with bad music, bad odor and too many drugs which kill the appetite of any person alive.

Where do you get the car from, it’s a killa…

The LowLow came from Los Angeles, the city of Gangsters. The car search was on, we found this incredible one we had fixed up at a Lowrider shop Mr. Cartoon’s set up with partners. The time was right and we decided to ship it over to enjoy it on the island. Nothing more OG than an Impala from LA with some bounce. I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful classic car I could take out to cruise, and now I’ve got it. Life is good!


Carlos a big welcome to LoveFoodIbiza. Let’s begin by kicking by to your younger days – what is the dish that reminds you most of your childhood?

That’s easy, Puerto Rican Rice ‘n’ Beans, this was what we ate the most. Puertoricans have many ways of cooking rice and I truly never get tired of my mom’s food.

You have traveled all over the world, what is the most unusual food you have ever tried?

I would have to say some weird plates in Shanghai China…Pork Knuckles and some fermented stuff that I was not very good with, but I tried it and didn’t die from it.

Do you still have your prized vegetable patch?
Sadly we haven’t been focused on it much the last few year cause we’re a busy team plus we also spend the summers in Ibiza. Maybe I need to do it there! I really do enjoy it and hope it’s something I can take up again once life settles down a little, and my kids get a little older so they can get in there and help me with it. It’s a beautiful thing growing your own food!

Your favourite restaurants in Ibiza?

I know there are fancier more posh places, but for me ~ La Dolce Vite in Playa d’en Bossa. The pizza is great, but also everything else on the menu is delicious…and the hospitality is the best. Most times we go here, we have a better time than going to DC10.

You are the undoubted king of the grill. The last few years has seen you have cook-off’s, host BBQ’s in Carl Cox’s back garden in Ibiza and even taken your skills out on tour with you – loving the lamb chops in Ireland last year! Let’s kick off with your House Gangster Sauces & Rubs – we saw you handing out little bags of it at ADE last year – what is the latest with the range and what can you tell us about the ingredients?

The ingredients are simple everyday dry spices, but it is the combination of 12 that makes my rub a very complete mixture of goodness. I can only share it once it’s seasoned and done.

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What is the most complex or interesting use of the BBQ you have ever pulled off. When a cooker died on Christmas Day one year we cooked an entire festive spread on the grill…

Actually it was cooking rice on the grill like my grandparents did it, and their parents before them. It takes skill trust me, I had to try it cause these fancy villas have electric stoves and the cast iron pot just doesn’t cook the same on them.

In Ibiza we have seen grills on beer kegs, in Portugal we have seen people cooking on the back of a compressor coil over an oil drum. What is the strangest thing you have ever cooked on?

I don’t know about strange, but I was invited a few times to grill and found very bad grills so I designed a to-go grill made with cinder blocks and a grill top. The first time I built this model I used rocks cause we had no blocks around. The cinder block grill is how you smoke the competition.

What would be your top 3 backdrops for a BBQ in Ibiza…?

I guess Es Vedra for the nicest view, cafe Mambo for the sunset and Raco in San Rafael, a place I did a massive BBQ a few years back, for the comfortable chill vibe.


BBQ-ing in Ibiza gets banned at various points of the year due to forest fires. Can you get an authentic flavor from a gas set up?

If you have skills you can pull it off anywhere. I certainly have done magic with the tools I had at the time. You won’t have that smoky flavor but you can get great flavor using my rub even in your own kitchen.

What makes the perfect salad to go with your meat?

You gotta start with the best and freshest vegetables you can find, mixed with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice, from there the possibilities are endless. I’m all about making salads and veggie sides on the fly.

What type of steak makes the best on barbecue – and how should it be marinated?

I like top sirloin, I also like great looking chuleton steaks available at a good butcher shop. I’m also a big fan of lamb, agood side of lamb!

There is always some food scare going on somewhere. The latest is with food scientists saying that BBQ charred meats are a form of Advanced Glycation End Products (A.G.E.) which are harmful and damaging to the body. What are your thoughts on this debate?

They must be angry vegetarians! For as long as man figured out they could cook over fire it has been done. People that don’t know how to grill can get other people sick but that is lack of BBQ knowledge. Most people are doing other things that they shouldn’t while meat is cooking. You have to have full control of the grill and meats at all times. No standing around doing fashion grillin.

Dead or alive – who are the 5 people you invite around for a BBQ at yours in Ibiza?

Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg, Charlie Chester, Anthony Bordain and Salvador Dali. Boom!

We hear you like to fish on your boat in Northern Canada…what do you like to catch – and what has been the biggest?

Well I’m a student of my father-in-law who is a master a catching and making fillets of northern Ontario Pike, which is not easy to do. I have caught pickerel, bass, but mostly pike. The biggest about a 10 pounder right off the back of the cottage sitting on one of the docks. Didn’t even have a net to bring it in so I skillfully and slowly brought it in close enough to pull it out the water by hand.

What is the best soundtrack to accompany the best BBQ?

Usually I like to play soulful music like mixes of other DJs playing great funk soul disco ~ when feeling gangster I play hip hop – Action Bronson, Snoop etc. Also I like old salsa music from my childhood.

Where can we catch you Eivissa this summer playing house music all night long…

This summer I’ll be joining ANTS @ Ushuaia, Space for Carl Cox’s Revolution, Music On at Amnesia, Vista Club at Privilege and many more things as I’m there for 5 months…

What is coming out next from the mighty DJ Sneak studio…?

Bombas! I’m always in my studio when I’m not giggin’ or grillin’. I’ve been very busy over the winter and plan to deliver a great Juicy New Original Album in the autumn.

Your favourite restaurant in your home city of Toronto?

I cook a lot at home but we go for sushi at a place called Prince in west of Toronto, we also enjoy a good steak dinner at a Poutine restaurant with the kids and occasionally a fancy Italian dinner.


If you could have a masterclass with any master chef…who would it be and why?

I’d love to cook and grill with Action Bronson who is a skillful chef plus a talented rapper and a seriousGanja Smoker.

A dish you just cannot stomach?

Improperly cooked foods, it really sucks when you have to eat shitty food, Oh and bean sprouts, I hate those, besides that it’s game ON, I love to experience great food from around the world.

The best airline food – if any!

NO! Sorry haven’t found one yet.

Your unannounced shows at The Underground were highlights of the summer for many, what is it about the venue you love?

Everything! Location, vibe, the name, the door policy, Juanito, but mostly that it is the best underground place ~ untainted by the island’s commercialism.

I had lunch at a certain restaurant in Santa Gertrudis last week, the owners just got back from Cuba with some cigars that were definitely not declared at customs. Fancy some food there with me?

Cubans? Good food and great coffee! Is there a charcoal grill??? Hahah! I’m with you buddy…

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