DJ Pierre

You have travelled all over the world, what is the most unusual food you have ever tried?

Honestly, I’m probably not a good candidate to answer this one because I do not go outside my comfort zone..knowingly. I think I did eat a protein meat which I thought was chicken in Ecuador. When I got back home a guy in customs asked if I ate the ‘Guinea Pig’ there…hinting that if I had something similar to chicken that it wasn’t chicken. I do remember wondering why my chicken was more chewy than the norm.

The dish that reminds you most of your childhood?

Baked Macaroni

Do you cook? If so, what is your signature dish?

My wife does most of the cooking but If I HAVE to I can make a fish dinner. Talapia with a side salad, rice…something like that.


Your guilty pleasure food?

Something that has no nutritional value at all like candy

Your favourite restaurants in Chicago is…

Alsbeef! The best burgers and chicken sandwiches. Nothing fancy – just simply delicious! Italian Beef is big in Chicago and alsbeef are known for that as well. They have a few locations and it’s definitely worth a stop if you visit the city.

A dish from around the world you love?

That’s a tough one. I hardly remember the names but I do remember enjoying my meals in Japan. Yakatori chicken…


If you could have a masterclass with any master chef…who would it be and why?

I guess it would be Emeril Lagasse, I want to be able to hear him in person say ‘BAM’ which is his signature saying.

What countries do you love returning to, to sample their cuisine?

Dubai is always amazing for food and I love the food in Jamaica – all fresh with lots of great rice.


A dish you just cannot stomach?

Raw Tuna

Has a DJ ever cooked great food for you?

No…I haven’t really connected on that level with a fellow DJ as we’re always behind the decks making the crowd jump.

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