DJ Paulette

The finest coffee in Ibiza…

I don’t drink coffee myself, but when I meet people for a coffee it is invariably at either the Croissant Show in Ibiza Town or Prince in Talamanca: you will find me however drinking / choosing herbal teas or infusions over coffee and tea at both because as much as I love the smell of coffee, I actually can’t stand the taste.

Breakfast would be taken at where…and would be the perfect plate?

Prince do fresh juices and a breakfast deal in Talamanca, then there’s Passion or Box 7 in Marina Botafoch for a business brunch or Es Tap Nou Ibiza Old Town when you’re grabbing a croissant and a fresh juice on the run – or on the other side of the island I like Rita’s in San An for a cooked breakfast.

What food shop could you not live without in Ibiza and what do you buy there…?

ARROZ Y BAMBU – Ibiza Town and San Antonio – mainly Asian food store (amazing variety of Japanese / Chinese / Indian ingredients, oils and spices – also some African / Jamaican and Mexican foodstuffs; speciality teas, soft drinks and juices, condiments and tableware. Then there’s Mercat Nou (have been told to investigate food bit of Can Toni too) – I always enjoy a good market shop (miss that about Paris and France in general) so Mercat Nou is a treasure trove for everything fresh – meat, fish, vegetables, spices. Don’t go unfocussed about your shop or else you could be in there all day. Can Pascual in Jesus or Casa Alfonso in San Antonio (think it’s the same group) – servicio al domicilio – small shops, huge variety of Ibicenco and international products everything from Maldon Sea Salt to Dom Perignon champagne (super pricey) and the big bonus – servicio al domicilio. Rita Saveur – bread, pastries and cakes shop in Jesus. Very dangerous because all is very delicious especially their chicken croquetas and empanadas, their breads are amazing and their chocolate brownie is like a supremely decadent but also very sudden death. And of course I’m not all about fine dining ingredients, I choose Eroski for the normal every day – tried Lidl felt like I should be signing on – no comparison for me (good variety but in truth nowhere near as exciting as Mercadona for own label basket fill or Eroski on brands). Get your store cards, make your savings that way. Once we hit May all the supermarkets are expensive anyway.


Have lunch at…

On a budget – Bon Lloc in Jesus or Can Toni on the road into Ibiza from Santa Gertrudis / San Joan just before / after the Eiviss Garden Centre depending which direction you are driving in.
La Paloma is beautiful for alfresco / agro turismo dining
Amante – Santa Eularia – dramatic views, beautiful surroundings, hideaway.
Sa Caleta – great seafood, it’s a beautiful walk.
Hostal Talamanca – informal straight off the beach tapas dining
Can Pilot – San Rafael – for meat lovers who lunch.
Ciao Pescao – fresh fish, Argentinian recipes – do private catering and take aways too

Best tapas on the island…

CAN TERRA – Ibiza Town. Advised to eat here by my friends Scott and Mandy Gray. Spot on recommendation. Busy, no reservations, could have a long wait if you hit it at the wrong time but definitely worth it.
Villa Manchega – San Antonio / Cala Gracio roundabout.
Mercat Nou – Ibiza Town – Saturday afternoon post shopping drink and tapas treat. They might even cook your own food for you.
Bar Pintxos – Via Punica – canya and tapas for 1euro – very Spanish, buzzing.
Es Ventall – San Antonio for a tapas sit down experience.

People say DJ Paulette? Yeah she loves this tune…

The tune that represents me the most is Joubert Singers ‘Stand On It’ – the Larry Levan Remix. I play it everywhere – London, France, Ibiza – beginning or end of set, it doesn’t matter…it’s just my record!


Dinner on a budget…

The best dinner on a budget for me is simply busting the at home alone or with whoever decides to pop in flex. I do pies, pasta, Asian, brown stew chicken and when I’m feeling lazy, asparagus and poached egg, egg beans and chips or fish fingers and smashed potatoes with peas and tartare sauce. However when it’s not all about me there’s always…
Casa Thai or Itaca – San An for Thai food and noodles
Deseo – Jesus (Mexican food)
Va Bene – Isidor Macabich
La Cantina – San Antonio – Thai / Asian / European – bit of everything but all pretty good and reasonably priced.
Los Pasajeros – Marina Botafoch

Dinner on no budget…

La Oliva – beautiful food in the beautiful surroundings of Dalt Villa.
NAGAI – Asian fusion restaurant on the road to San Joan, still hype, enormous drinks that need a kitten and a ball of wall draped over the lip. (If you grew up in the 70s you’ll get that joke).
LA BRASA or Los Dos Lunas – the trees get everybody’s vote.
Sa Soca – super good for a fishy meal.
Es Nautico – San Antonio – Lobster is good, if a bit on the small side.
Il Giardinietto – Marina Botafoch – for all things Italian.

Cocktails with and guzzled at…

Hidden – proprietor Chris Edwardes, passionate about his art, has an incredible bar history and is an all around nice chap – Cala St Vicente – bar food too so stomach can be beautifully lined in advance.
Bar 1805 – Ibiza Town – Proprietor is the imposing and totally awesome Marseillais Charles Vexenat who is an award winning ABSINTHE Green Beast mixologist. Bar Food is spot on, moules frites exceptional.

Two award winning mixologists. Two very different drinking experiences. Generally the same result…

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What DJ is the best cook on the island and what have they cooked you?

Believe it or not, I haven’t been cooked for by a DJ yet. Hmmm – this must be rectified. I suppose officially it’s Sid Shanti but he’s a pro so probably doesn’t count. Andy Baxter seems to have fairly decent skills and David Phillips has been teasing me with cooking ackee and Salt fish for months, but since neither has come good on their promise yet, then the best DJ cook I know who has regularly cooked for me is sadly me. I do know a lot of top flight chefs here who don’t DJ and who have made my meals look like a first year cookery exam. It’s all in the presentation.

After club chill at…

Ocean Drive
Croissant Show
Alcohol or food, alcohol or food, decisions, decisions …

The finest host on the island…

I hear you and Tess are rather amazing hosts (hint hint).
Andrés at The Croissant Show – Salvador Dali look alike and most amazing French man. I can spend hours talking to Andrés.
Giorgio at Il Pavone
Anita Dey, Duesi Wolfmeir and David Phillips – Boutique Hostal
Robert at Ancient People
Chris and Amanda at Hidden
Charles at Bar 1805
Charlie at Thai’d Up
Andy and Katie – Wok On

Call it luck or just good fortune, I haven’t met a bad host yet …not in a home meal or officially eating out environment. In private dining, Mark & Sarah Broadbent cooked the most amazing Christmas meal.

Best sushi in Ibiza…

Day time I like Ciao Pescao for sushi with an Argentinian herbs and spices twist, it’s not too expensive either. Los Bodegueros in Ibiza Town has a great all you can eat for 20 euros sushi deal on Thursday nights run by the old Café San Francisco sushi chef. Then for a classy sushi sit down meal Sushi Point and Nagai are great dinner locations. Nagai has the edge decor and environment wise plus avoid Friday and Saturday at Sushi Point if you don’t want to get caught up in a mad party afterwards. Both can be pricey so go to the cash point before hand.

Your guilty pleasures dish in Ibiza…

I am catholic. Guilt is supposed to be my middle name and here is proof…
Va Bene aka Disco Burger, Isodoro Macabich, Ibiza Town – Double burger with egg, bacon and all the trimmings because I am a hopelessly failed vegetarian. At least they go light on the chips so I don’t feel that guilty.
Fish Curry at Ancient People, Avenida D’Espanya – sublime, light taste.
The Jam Shack – chicken, rice and peas – the only place I know where you can get Jamaican soul food and punches on this island.
Ciao Pescao – Carrer Cap Martinet, Jesus – Thursday is sushi day.
Il Pavone – Calle de la Virgen, Ibiza Town – mixed fish and seafood starter in a paper cone is infallible – I have it every time I eat there. Their semi-fredo dessert is also incredible.
Happy happy joy joy bringing in the oyster season at The Croissant Show – Andrés is very much a connoisseur so you are guaranteed top quality French oysters.
When nothing but a heavy curry will hit the spot, head for Kathmandu – either Ibiza Town or San Antonio.
I like Ibiza Rocks’ Wok On for all things stir fried and noodle or the kebab place just up the street (I forget what it’s called but it’s pretty easy to find) – both are the perfect fill up pit stops after an Ibiza Rocks session.
Pad Thai at Thai’d up. Possibly the best on the island.

Actually I don’t feel guilty for eating any of it as it’s all fantastic. So there.

The most delicious paella is where…

Best one I have eaten has been a home cooked one made on a roots set up by some Spanish friends at a barbecue but Villa Manchega on the Cala Gracio roundabout or Hostal Talamanca on the beach in Talamanca do a particularly good and reasonable official one. I have to investigate further though – paella is one of my favourite meals.

An album you love driving around Ibiza listening to…

Asaf Avidan – Gold Shadow
James Bay – Chaos and The Calm
Fink – Horizontalism

The best pizza in Ibiza is at…

I don’t really eat that much pizza (said in the same tone as my ‘I don’t eat meat, I am a vegetarian’) – but if I do succumb – then get one from any of these places and I guarantee it will be a can’t be arsed to cook fail safe. Head for Los Pasajeros or Il Giardinietto – Marina Botafoch, Carpe Diem, Jesus (avoid their chips – five euros a portion, frozen and a bit stingy), Ipizza Talamanca or David’s in San Antonio for a post Ibiza Rocks fill up.

The best Hierbas on the island…

Ocean Drive, Hidden or Cafe Mambo’s own…


The perfect sunset tune…

‘Hand covers Bruise’ – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross is the all-rounder, ultimate sunset tune for me. It does also depend on what the sky is doing really. For a full power sunset with heat, burning gold and orange and the smell of herb in the air and lots of young people around – I like Jamie XX’s – Gosh or for cooler day with pinks and lilacs and a more mature crowd. Fink ‘Fall Into The Light’ for an acoustic guitar strummed, reverbed delight – Emeli Sandé’s version of ‘Imagine’ does a beautiful job too And you can finish it off with a flourish by just adding Asaf Azivdan’s – ‘Little Parcels of Endless Time’. Or if it’s a housier vibe Timo Jahn’s reworking of Sadé’s ‘Pearls’ is rather lovely too. Oh and how can I forget, when the

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Having my family over for a whole day of Brunch, beach, cooking, walking, boozing, hanging out, acting the arse and having an iPhone / laptop sounds battle and staying up till five or six in the morning talking, telling each other how much we love each other and putting the world to rights. We rock that-ish. If I miss anything at all here I truly miss my family.