Clara Da Costa
  The original Queen of Ibiza

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza

A light breakfast, boat trip, swim in the sea, paella, chilled white wine followed by a glass of hierbas on ice, some sunbathing, swim again, shower, out, light snack, vodka, club, music, after party a bit of Bob Marley and sleep…zzzzzz

My favourite record to start the day with a smile

‘Do I Do’ by Stevie Wonder

The finest coffee

Golden Buddha in San Antonio do a great coffee and you can opt for soya milk too

The best breakfast

Tiburón and I’d order tostado con tomate

The food shop I could not live without

Casa Alfonso in San Antonio. I buy lots of bits there. They have everything that you cannot find elsewhere and they also have an amazing wine selection too

I have lunch at…

Can Pujol which is the best fish restaurant on the island. Or Ocean Beach, they have a great team in the kitchen and wicked food


The tastiest tapas

Rincon De Pepe

I get drunk at cocktails at…

Es Vive with the crew. Their cocktails are amazing and made by amazing people

A budget dinner

Sa Punta´s menu del dia in San Antonio is 15 euros and very, very good. Watch out though, you often have to book in advance

A no expense spared dinner

Can Pujol again

A cooking DJ

When Sneak is here he and his lovely wife Melissa put on a great BBQ

The sunset tune

‘Estelle’ by A Man Called Adam


My favourite host in Ibiza

There are so many I can think of. Jonny Flip Flop who runs Mint on the Sunset strip is amazing though

The best sushi

Ocean Beach have a great little sushi kitchen that became very popular last year

My guilty pleasures dish

…usually the bread and aioli

A perfect paella

Can Pujol

My Ibiza driving album

Many! But ‘Journey Inwards’ by LTJ Bukem is one of my favourites. That will surprise a few people ha ha

A slice of pizza

Pizzeria David’s in San Antonio

The best Hierbas on the island

Of course Café Mambo