A track you love to hear on a sunny morning…

This year I have really found my groove in the studio. So, on a sunny morning I want to wake up and listen to my music and be like YEAH! I’m very proud of the music I’m making right now!

Your perfect breakfast would be…

With my son. He has pancakes, or peanut butter, or his favourite cereal. I have celery juice, tea or coffee, and some berries with toasted almonds and coconut yoghurt. The best.

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

Raw animal liver in Japan. Which was actually quite tasty. When I am in good restaurants in Japan, I always eat whatever they offer and whatever is put in front of me.

The dish that reminds me of my childhood

Apricot Dumplings, a traditional Austrian dish. When it is done well, oh wow. You’re like fuck I cannot believe I am eating these; they are SO GOOD!

Who taught you to cook?

Well, I don’t think anyone particularly taught me to cook. My mother had a restaurant and so watched her and her apprentices. But teaching, she has no patience, and would mostly scream at me. I didn’t want to be taught by her because mum was so stressed in the kitchen. This is why I am not a big cook, because I usually associate it with stress and hysteria!

Your favourite 2 restaurants in your home city Vienna…

For traditional Austrian food…Plachutta Hietzing

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Julius Meinl am Graben

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5 other restaurants from around the world you love…

Glou – Paris

Salinas – New York (below)

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Maru – Tokyo (Aoyama-Shibuya City)

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Propaganda – Rome

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Es Moli de Sal – Formentera

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A DJ or musician that has surprised you with their cooking skills at home/their home…what did they cook

DJ Sasha is a very good cook! He once did this amazing pasta spaghetti with marmite. Which I despise, I cannot stand marmite, but it was really good! Olive oil, marmite and pasta al dente. Weird but wonderful.

Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…

Anything with chocolate, especially a fondant.

What is your signature dish?

Well, as mentioned I am not the biggest cook, so I’d have to say scrambled eggs. LOL.

If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

Anthony Bourdain. Because of his humanity and stories and relationship to food. He put a different spin on food. When he went to different places he would eat from the street, to the best, loving and trying everything he could.

Dead or alive – 3 famous people you would invite around for dinner…

Hmmmm, the conversation has to be right here. I’d like to get these threetogether:

Eddie Murphy

Jonathan Franzen

Louise Bourgeois

A dish you just cannot eat

Marmite. I just cannot do it (with the exception of the Sasha pasta).

You get in from the club pissed, dive in the fridge and usually come out with…?

I like eating tuna out of the can! A tuna and mustard sandwich if possible. Yum.


My favourite restaurants on the island…

Locals Only in the Plaza Del Parque

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It restaurant in the Marina

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The best sunset spot for a cold drink…

Must be in San Antonio, but I like hanging in Portinatx if I should get the chance to relax.

A record that always reminds you of Ibiza

Your favourite Ibiza dish

My favorite Ibiza dish is anything with fish. Fresh fish and veggies.

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Hanging with my son with nothing else to do and just enjoying the day.

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