k  Bob Sinclar  k

The French legend takes us on a magnifique voyage gastronomique


A record that always reminds you of Ibiza…

Pete Heller ‘Big Love’-  amazing memories on that one, what a huge club track

Your perfect breakfast would be…

Oat meal and Almond milk topped with slices of banana. Scrambled white eggs, one piece of toast and apple juice.

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

I tasted snake in Tokyo once. What a strange experience!

The dish that reminds me of my childhood

Mashed meat with purée

Who taught you to cook?

I learnt from my mother, I can cook a few little meals but only basic stuff…with a French vibe!

Your favourite 3 restaurants in your home city of Paris…

Queen Ann 5 Rue Simon le franc 75004 Paris. Amazing brunch every Sunday


Mori Venice Bar 2 rue du 4 septembre 75002 Paris. The best Italian restaurant in Paris


Chez Camille 24 rue des francs Bourgeois 75003 Paris. An amazing French bistro in Le Marais which is in my home district


5 other restaurants from around the world you love

Isakaya by Katsuya 8420 W. 3rd Street Los Angeles. Best sushi restaurant ever


Burger Joint Hotel Parker Meridien 119 W. 56th NYC. Their home made burger is crazy


The Fish Shack es puet de talamanca Ibiza town. Amazing fresh fish


Porcao Av. Infante Don Henrique S/N Atterro de Flamenco Rio de Janeiro. Brasil the meat is just unreal.


Casa Tua Restaurant 1700 James Ave 33139 Miami beach Fl. USA. My Italian home to eat Cavatelli Pasta


A DJ or musician that has surprised you with their cooking skills…what did they cook…

Lil Louis is a chef now and knows how to cook believe me!


Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…

Apple Crumble topped with Vanilla Ice cream


What is your signature dish?

Bolognese Pasta

If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

Joel Robuchon, his restaurant is called “L’atelier” and is high in terms of quality and taste

Dead or alive – 3 famous people you would invite around for dinner?

Prince, Gerard Depardieu and Roger Federer

Your favourite pizza topping

La Regina with Mushroom, ham and cheese

A dish you just cannot stomach

Anything with garlic

You get in from the club pissed, dive in the fridge and usually come out with…?

A huge Club Sandwich with a lot of mayonnaise


The most expensive meal you have ever had?

I think at Joel Robuchon…the 3 star restaurant in Las Vegas. Almost $500 for 2 people, but it was very romantic and thank god I don’t drink wine


The most disgusting thing you have ever eaten at a festival

The food is disgusting at them all. It’s just unreal to serve that kind of food to artists

The last time you used a cook book for a meal…

Three days ago to try to make a Bolognese sauce for my pasta


My favourite restaurants on the island…

El Chiringuito on the Es Cavallet beach, the Burrata is amazing


The best sunset spot for a cold drink…

Café Mambo on Saturday night with Bob Sinclar playing a Disco set


Your favourite Ibiza dish

Jamon iberico with tortillas

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Going to Es Cavalet get some naked tanning on the beach. Have a lunch at El Chiringuito. Get a massage on the beach. Going back to the hotel. Go to Café Mambo at 8.30 pm for the Sunset. Then go to the old Ibiza town to eat in a small restaurant called La Torreta. Go back to my Hotel for a kinky nap and then go to Pacha to see the main guest who plays around 4am, this year I will go to see Luciano on a Friday in August…

’Someone Who Needs Me’ is out now on Spinnin’ Records…check the video here…