What is the most you have ever spent on a dinner in a restaurant?

I think around 250 euros in Miami for a one person meal and that was also because of a misunderstanding. I manage to spend quite a lot in restaurants but because of the high frequency not because I go to expensive places
What dish reminds you of your childhood?

Eggs always remind me of my childhood. When I was five years old I would wake up at 8am watch cartoons and start making English breakfast all by myself. My mom recalls I was so tiny I couldn’t even see then pan on the cooker yet

Your favourite pizza topping?

Whatever as long as it’s not pineapple. Those people are a special category

Your favourite restaurants in Berlin…

I like the Ming Dynastie for traditional Chinese (below), Makoto for Japanese and Ramen and Schwarzwaldstuben for more German and Austrian cuisine. They have a pork Schnitzel which is incredible

Your last meal on Death Row…

A cup of hot milk. Lets end the way we started


What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

I was chewing on a thermometer once and managed to swallow some of the mercury. Thankfully it was a protected edition for babies and the mercury wasn’t poisonous