Tom Rothrock

The Grammy winning and Oscar nominated international music producer, composer and artist who has worked with James Blunt, Foo Fighters, Moby, Beck, Motorhead, Stevie Nicks and Gwen Stefaniloves Ibiza. And he knows where to eat…

You have travelled all over the world, what is the most unusual food you have ever tried?

Lutefisk hit me so hard that I’d rather not relive the gelatinous fish delicacy that was cooked in lye. Last I heard it was outlawed in California.


The dish that reminds you most of your childhood?

My mothers deep fried tacos. 70’s west coast health food. Between that wonderful grease and the lutefisk, I’m just happy to be alive.

What is your guilty pleasure food when in the studio?

No guilt ever dining in the studio! I’ve produced sessions since 1990 in the amazing recording studios of LA so I have enjoyed many a fine so-cal guilt free meals. And lots of burritos from Poquito Mas.


What restaurants have impressed you the most in Ibiza?

I’ve had wonderful meals at Macau, Balafia (below), Bistro Plaza, Es Boldado, Atzaro. On and on it can go! Earlier in the day I like to stop by La Paloma or Can Guimo. Ibiza has so many nooks and crannies for dining.


California was probably the founding place for the raw eating concept which is currently a global trend – now we have Raw Beets in Ibiza. Is this the way Ibiza is heading to counterbalance the over indulgence on the white isle?

Wild Beets in Sta. Gertrudis (below)? I’ll have a double fireball. Bring it on! Every year the healthy side of the island seems to grow to keep a balance with the wild half.


And your favourite restaurant in Los Angeles?

My secret spot for years has been the Smoke House. When you are feeling old school Hollywood, meat and potatoes with a martini – nothing else will do. Get a booth in the lounge if you can.


If you could have a masterclass with any master chef…who would it be and why?

Well, since we are off pondering the future takeover of raw vegan cuisine in Ibiza, I’ll have to pick chef Juliano. I’d love to learn from Chef Juliano, especially how to make no compromise vegan dishes.

What countries do you love returning to, to sample their cuisine?

Of course I am always happy going out in Spain and the States. Ukraine springs to mind but I can’t quite remember the cuisine for all the vodka!

A dish you just cannot stomach?

See Lutefisk above.

You often stay with your friend James Blunt when in Ibiza, has he ever cooked for you and if so what?

Being a military man, James opens a mean can of tuna. Get yourself a fork and try to get in a bite before it’s gone, ha.