The first lady of house music reveals all about her love of the white isle…

Can you tell us about the first time you came to Ibiza…the clubs, the DJs, the tunes…

I remember rambling up a hill to get to a Full Moon Party the first time I went in 1994. I think Paul Oakenfold was leading the pack, I was with Red Jerry and we had to abandon our cars on the way up. It was a special night but my excitement and love for the island really started on the terrace at Space. The music was incredible and I met so many ace people there, along with a load of people I already knew from London. I remember unsuccessfully trying to drag Ed Chem onto a podium.

A record you probably played in your first set here…and where was it?

Alcatraz – “Giv Me Luv” always reminds me of those early days when I started getting gigs in Ibiza, can’t remember where though, possibly Manumission, or Space…?

A dish that reminds you of your childhood…

Sunday Roast of course! We never had anything exotic in Chester in the 80’s.

If you could have a master-class with any master chef…who would it be and why?

Heston Blumethal. He’s only around the corner from where we live and I love his food.

An Ibiza breakfast would be taken at where…and would be the perfect plate?

I actually love those fresh juices they serve on Benirras. Carrot, apple and LOADS of ginger! A tasty attempt to detox from the night before.


Your favourite Spanish red wine?

I always stock up on El Coto in Ibiza, but my real favourite wine is actually from Ribera del Duero, an area next to Rioja called Arzuaga. It’s heavenly.

Who is the top chef in the kitchen at home and what are your signature dishes?

My son thinks I do the best bolognese in the WORLD…so that makes me very happy. I do a chicken, artichoke, white wine and chorizo thing that people seem to like too. And we have a roast very Sunday without fail.

A record you will be playing in Ibiza this year…

Prins Thomas’s Diskomiks version of La Rouxs “Let Me Down Gently”, it’s gorgeous.

Best DC10 tale…

The first couple of years DC10 was open I played there quite regularly and was one of the DJ’s who dived into the crowd from the DJ booth, I’m bloody glad they all caught me! It was so good there I used to love it.


The finest host on the island…

Dan & Tess Prince of course!

The DJ set of your Ibiza life was at…

Space terrace, either 2000 or 2001. Fritz and Pepe came out after letting me carry on after the terrace was supposed to shut. They held my arms up and called me The Queen Of Ibiza’

An album you love driving around Ibiza listening to…

I have a little ‘Balearic’ playlist with new and old stuff on there. Sade, Fleetwood Mac, Metronomy, Prince, Cerrone, Bocca Juniors, Zoot Woman, Teed and Roxy Music. If I had to choose one CD that’s always in the hire car though it would be Grace Jones – “Hurricane”

The perfect sunset tune…

Sebastian Tellier – “La Ritournelle”

Your favourite Ibiza resident DJ and why?

Jason Bye is fantastic, a proper resident who has a history with the island and has his own style. I’ve always loved DJing with him over the years.

What are the biggest changes to the white isle from your first visit? Good and bad…

The roofs going on the clubs! But even those are better than the limiters they used to have on the terrace of Amnesia to keep the sound down. The most obvious difference is how expensive and “VIP” many places have become. It used to be a much more ‘inclusive’ less ‘exclusive’ island and you didn’t used to have to remortgage your house to get a round of drinks. The VIP culture is pretty awful really and there’s none of the special word of mouth one off free beach parties that people could just turn up to. Anyone trying to do that would just be shut down now. It feels like there’s a corporate element to most things there and Playa D’en Bossa has turned into a mini South Beach, buts that not the real Ibiza to me and it will always have the vibe and the people and the music and the natural beauty of the island. It still has the best clubs in the World.

When you are in Ibiza what would your top table be at the following and why…

…by the sea
S’Illa Des Bosc for fresh fish watching the sunset at Cala Comte


…in town
La Oliva


…in the countryside
El Clodenis & Bambuddha Grove


Ibiza has a truly bohemian, hippy vibe. Have you travelled anywhere else in the world with a vibe so unique in it’s own way?

I traveled constantly for a good decade or more and never found anywhere to match Ibiza in terms of the combination of cultural freedom, clubs, music, beaches and restaurants, it still has the most going for it of everywhere I’ve been. I love Argentina, Brazil, Miami, Montenegro and Jamaica but nowhere has it all like Ibiza.

Your favourite London/UK restaurant?

Chiltern Firehouse in town and The Hinds Head in Bray out near where we live.

Your favourite countries you love returning to, to sample their cuisine?

Buenos Aires, Argentina for their steaks and wine, I’m salivating at the thought. Also Thailand, I’d love to be able to cook Thai dishes, its probable my favourite cuisine. I love a chilli.


A dish you just cannot stomach?

Anything with liver in it, or black pudding, yuk.

What have been the biggest disasters one of you have ever cooked for one another…?

I do all the cooking so he can’t really complain.

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Waking up in a gorgeous villa with family and friends, a day on the beach at Benirras drinking rosé as the sun sets. Dinner at La Bogega or La Oliva in Ibiza Town. Cocktails at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, a couple of hours DJing at Space or Pacha then an after party at (someone else’s) villa. ACE.