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Secrets From A Yoga Kitchen

Six days of food, food glorious food and a daily dose of yoga on the magical isle of Ibiza

18-24 September 2023
Can Planetas, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

“Tess Prince is one of those people who will change the way you think about food, and eating, forever. Hers is a true celebration of island produce and heritage, creating dishes that are gloriously colourful, brilliantly textured, unapologetically healthy and deliciously decadent. Forget po-faced health-food here and instead indulge in endlessly creative dishes that taste fabulous, and make you feel even better. If I could magic myself to lunch on Tess’s terrace, overlooking the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea, I’d do so this very second. And I’d do it with gusto! Drop everything and rush to this retreat immediately. You won’t regret it.”

Tara Stevens, Food Writer at Conde Naste Traveller, Olive, Food and Wine / Founder of Courtyard Kitchen in Fez

Conde Nast Traveller

About Tess

With over 20 years of culinary experience as a qualified chef with BA Hons in Food Science, Tess is revered in the yoga world as a culinary expert whose love of delicious, nourishing food is legendary. Her kitchen knowledge and skills enable her to create innovative and exquisite dishes that wow clients time after time. 

And now for the first time, Tess invites you to learn some of her techniques, recipes, tips and tricks that will change your life forever…

“My Love Food Ibiza adventure began ten years ago giving me the opportunity to cook at some of the best yoga retreats from around the world. Now it’s time for me to start sharing some of my kitchen knowledge with you in the first of my brand new Secrets of a Yoga Kitchen retreats here in my home Ibiza. It’s going to be so much fun…”

“Step into my world of wellness and take home new skills for a happy, healthy and enlightened life”
Tess Prince

“It has always been such a pleasure working with Tess over the years. The fabulous, delicious, nutritious and incredibly tasty creations have been such wonderful addition to my own retreats. Tess is such a talented chef, her food offerings are exceptional and it’s such a joy to work with someone so enthusiastic about the food and nutrition – knowing that my clients are so incredibly well looked after every time.”

Trish Whelan, Soul Adventures / Shamanic Kundalini Yoga

Highlights of your stay

  • Daily cooking classes with Tess Prince
  • Morning yoga classes from some of Ibiza’s leading instructors
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner created and hosted by Tess Prince
  • Accommodation in one of the island’s most beautiful fincas with panoramic views
  • Exclusive excursions to lunch at the legendary Pikes Hotel, Las Dalias Hippy Market, Terra Masia Regenerative Organic Farm and a sunset picnic at Cala Benirras
Highlights of your stay

It all starts from within

We all get stuck on the treadmill of life these days with little time for self-care. Well I’m now here to change all that with an opportunity to discover and learn my kitchen secrets in the stunning surroundings of Ibiza. But let’s get one thing straight – this retreat isn’t just for yogis who practise yoga on a regular basis, it’s for anyone who wants to feel the benefit of energising and balancing their body and mind.

My entire focus of cooking is about feeding your soul through food to revitalise, re-energise and boost the immune system to bring back balance and improve health. This retreat is a true game changer in combining internal happiness with nourishment. You will be armed with confidence in the kitchen with a new culinary prowess, incredible recipes and immeasurable life skills that you, your family and friends will all benefit from.

“Having Tess as a chef for my retreat was nothing short of amazing. She really has a magic touch with all she cooks, making dishes into a sensual experience, delicious in your mouth and enchanting to look at. Serving time felt like waiting for a fairy. And that’s Tess spirit, she arrives with a sassy smile and leaves with a trail of sparkles…it’s as if you have been visited by Tinkerbell.”

Claudia Melli, Psychotherapist MA | Empowerment Coach

My Love Food Ibiza workshops

My Love Food Ibiza workshops

Suitable for all food lovers and beginners alike

From all of the yoga retreats that I have had the pleasure of cooking on, the biggest compliment I always receive is “If only I could eat like this every day of my life.”  Well now you can. I will be teaching you delicious, nutritious and fulfilling dishes to energise, nourish and satisfy you from the moment you rise until the end of your day. 

In my al fresco demonstrations and hands-on classes, you will enjoy preparing food, learning my practical tips and tricks before savouring the most delicious food that we have created together. With my appreciation and love of nature and the seasons, we will be using the freshest, most nutrient dense produce from the finest biodynamic, regenerative and organic farms of Ibiza. I will teach you how to transform these ingredients into exciting new dishes that will engage your senses as we dine against a backdrop of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

The food journey for the week

The food journey for the week

Join Tess for this fun and nourishing culinary adventure!

To cover a wide spectrum of wholefoods, I will be teaching a combination of vegetarian, raw vegan, refined sugar free, grain free and gluten free recipes – some of which will include local and ethically sourced organic eggs, goat and sheep cheeses.

I will show you how to prepare healthy breakfasts, learn about the power of superfoods, prebiotic and probiotics, hormone balancing food types (ideal for perimenopausal and menopausal ladies), sprouting, activating, fermenting, smoothie bowls, raw desserts and much more. You will get to ask questions as you prepare meals from start to finish.

Above all, these workshops are fun, relaxed, and practical. I always return to a simple equation; food made with love and good intention all tastes the best!

The power of prana

The power of prana

We will delve into the concept of prana; based on an ancient yoga diet culture where these foods nurture your body, mind and soul. Think nutrient dense foods, antioxidants, probiotics, healthy fats and oils that are all essential for healthy cell regeneration, the nervous system and hormone balance.

Never naughty just nice

Never naughty just nice

It’s true to say that I have never met one person who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, thankfully raw vegan treats are a gateway to satisfy this craving – but with health benefits. Learning how to reduce our refined sugar intake should be our ultimate goal. Raw desserts rely on all natural wholefood ingredients that can actually provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Think of a velvety carrot cake, rich fluffy chocolate mousse and balls of bliss – everything is possible.

A gut full of happiness

A gut full of happiness

Most of us have heard about the importance of gut health and maybe know the basics… but what’s all the fuss about? Gut health is not just about digestion. A happy belly affects everything from our mood, brain function, sleep, weight, allergies and immune system. Making sure we have a thriving gut is critical to this. I offer practical dietary and lifestyle tips to nourish and support your gut microbiome. It’s all about the 3 P’s – Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics – from kombucha, miso, kefir, pickling and that all important apple a day!

Marvellous Medicine

Marvellous Medicine

I will be teaching one of the most healing and cleansing recipes on the planet from the Ayurvedic yoga kitchen. We will also explore the full spectrum of foods that complement the Seven Chakras Root=Red, Sacral=Orange Solar Plexus=Yellow Heart=Green Throat=Blue Third Eye=Purple Crown=violet or white. Together we will prepare a picnic of dreams and we will eat the rainbow and be the rainbow!

“Tess catered for us at our Business Retreat in Ibiza and I can honestly say, it was some of the best food I’ve eaten – and I’m a big foodie! But it was so much more than the food (which genuinely was phenomenal). Tess is so knowledgeable about local produce, where it comes from, the benefits and nutritional value, how it grows… I found it really interesting learning about it all. To top it off, Tess is also the loveliest person. She is fantastic company to be with. I really enjoyed having her at our retreat and would love to invite her to any future retreats we host. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.

Katie Collier and Raimonda Jan – Founders of Women In Business

Immerse yourself in Balearic bliss…

Immerse yourself in Balearic bliss…

Situated in the sublime, secluded hills of north Ibiza, Can Planetas is the ultimate environment to relax and connect with beautiful people to open your heart and reawaken your senses. It is the perfect place to learn all about healing and conscious cuisine that is nutritious yet totally delicious.

With food, love and yoga you will learn how to incorporate long term wellness to your lifestyle, all while getting sun kissed in the beautiful Mediterranean. You are guaranteed to leave Ibiza feeling rested, empowered and inspired…it doesn’t get better than this!

This special retreat is an intimate group of 8 participants only to ensure a personal and hands on experience with Tess.

“Tess is total love – and the way she demonstrates it is through the magic she creates with her food. It’s her love language. Being lucky enough to eat Tess’s food is a feast of alchemy, wellbeing and creativity. Her passion is in every ingredient, its provenance and nutritional power. Not only that, she’s the most beautiful human who I feel topped up just being around. Quite simply, she makes every eating experience something so magical.”

Kate Taylor
Life Design & Business Empowerment Coach

Move your body and breathe in nature

Rise, shine and feel divine

It would not be a Secrets of a Yoga Kitchen retreat without magical movement. We start every morning with a different yoga class, the idea being you will experience varied disciplines of yoga and be able to decide what resonates to you the most. The yoga teachers for the week have been carefully chosen based on their knowledge, professionalism and wide experience. You will be in the best hands as they awaken your soul and guide you into your new found bliss.

Yin Yoga with Alice Jones

Yin Yoga with Alice Jones

Alice is a Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher from London living in Ibiza. During her session, she will take you on a journey inwards learning to embody your experiences. These sessions help to nourish your nervous system, rejuvenate your cells and reconnect you with your centre. Alice will guide you to create space in the body and mind, releasing physical, emotional and energetic tensions from within, while re-awakening the simple pleasures of life and enhancing joy in your day to day experiences.

INSTAGRAM @yin_pause_breathe

KundaDance®️ with Naomi Newlan

KundaDance®️ with Naomi Newlan

Naomi is a Kundalini Yoga and KundaDance®️ teacher living in Ibiza. Born into the tradition of Tantric Yoga, Kundalini Yoga is the yogic science of sound, movement and breath which awakens the dormant energy that lies in the base of our spine. This energy is the powerful and creative life-force that we can use however we choose in our lives. KundaDance®️ is the fusion of Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. It is a dance through the seven chakras, it powerfully awakens each chakra which helps to detox, boost energy, inspire and create joy and space in our bodies and our lives.

INSTAGRAM @whitesagehealing

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jo Youle

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Jo Youle

Jo has been living in Ibiza for over a decade. During her time previously in India, she worked with a New York choreographer to create a unique blend of music-led classes that focuses on the mind and connects the body and breath into a rhythm – similar to that of Vinyasa Flow, but with a twist! This class creates sequences that massage the fascial lines in the body which eliminates the “fuzz” that builds up between muscles and our fascia, joints and bones that forms blocks and restrictions. Jo likes to encourage more sensation and fluidity rather than the “aesthetic form” of what things should look like – giving you much more freedom to move in a way that feels amazing.

INSTAGRAM @jogabeats

Mindful Flow with Daisy Jane

Mindful Flow with Daisy Jane

Daisy Jane was raised in Ibiza and is a passionate Yoga teacher and student, sharing her love of mindful and embodied movement. Drawing from eastern philosophy and modern movement culture, ‘Mindful Flow’ is a practice which is as meditative as it is physical. This class is inspired by various traditional yoga styles, as well as other modalities, such as martial arts and mobility training. Classes start slower – a chance to become present, connect to our breath, tune in, calm the nervous system. This class helps to open up and create space within the body and mind, and cultivating freedom in the way we move and breathe.

INSTAGRAM @daisyjaneyoga

Ashtanga Yoga with Arlette Amouyan

Ashtanga Yoga with Arlette Amouyan

Arlette’s background in dance brings a very intuitive knowledge of the body and movement. Her studies in Anatomy consolidates this deep and clear understanding of the bio mechanics of the physical aspect of Yoga. Ashtanga is traditionally the more dynamic type of Yoga and combines strength and flexibility. If you are a beginner, you will enjoy discovering a base of this powerful practice, whilst enjoying the more explorative aspect of a Vinyasa Flow. Sessions also incorporate breathwork and meditation techniques which always resulting with a blissfully relaxing ending!


Where every day is like waking up in paradise…

Where every day is like waking up in paradise…

Situated on one of the island’s prettiest hills on the north east coast, you will be mesmerised with the uninterrupted views of white washed villages and glistening Mediterranean Sea stretching below. Our home for the week Can Planetas is without doubt one of the most breath-taking locations of natural wild beauty on the White Isle.

Immerse yourself in palm tree whispers, aromatic herb gardens and abundant fruit trees that this 200 year old finca provides you with. With heart aching sunrises, at Can Planetas you will be able to switch off from every-day life and relax in this spectacular countryside setting, where every day feels like heaven.

If the sunshine gets too hot, simply step into the large infinity pool set amongst the rustic finca’s olive and almond trees – a truly magical place to enjoy some much needed serenity and peace. Or if you fancy exploring during your time off in the afternoons, there are many beautiful beaches and coves within a seven minute drive by car.


08.00 – 09.15 Rise and shine and feel divine yoga session

09.30 – 10.30 Revitalising breakfast

11.00 – 13.00 Yoga Kitchen cookery workshop

13.30 – 14.30 Lovely lunch

14.30 – 19:30 Free time & relaxation / massages / holistic treatment / explore the island

19:30 – 20:30 Delicious dinner and sunset gazing

20:00 – 21:00 After dinner conversations, group hugs then sweet dreams…


* One lunch to include a Love Food Ibiza experience at the legendary Pikes Hotel
* Two afternoons will include a wonderful Ibiza Experience (Terra Masia regenerative farm & the iconic Las Dalias Hippie Market)
 *One evening meal will be a sunset beach picnic with a surprise!
Please note this schedule is subject to variations

“Tess is an incredible, uplifting and positively joyful presence in the kitchen. Between her calm and sunny nature and her mouth-watering food infused with love, Tess brings a beautiful warmth to everything she does. Each dish is carefully crafted, artistically plated and delicious, with perfectly balanced flavours and always full of colour. She is an inspiration and nothing short of wonderful to work with. Her light fills the room and everyone around her. We cannot recommend working with this lovely soul enough!”

Kate Taylor
Karan & Carrie. India Jane family & owners of Lua Chia – Goa

La magia existe

La magia existe

The mystical island of Ibiza is known as the third most magnetic place in the world after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle. Once a sleepy Mediterranean island, Ibiza is now recognised around the world as a destination for world class music, food, wellness and spiritual exploration. The general mantra on the island, no matter how you prefer to spend your time, is to celebrate life. Therefore it is THE perfect place to tune in and receive the abundance and feel its magical magnetism. A safe place to explore ourselves, to destress, recharge our batteries and reconnect to stunning Mother Nature around us.

“Tess was the dream addition to my Ibiza retreat. Her food is delicious, colourful, balanced and replenishing. It served to not only deeply complement, but amplify my work during the week. Tess’s entire process, from sourcing, through the making, right to presentation is done with such love and care that it’s truly nourishing on all levels. I’m forever grateful for this heartfelt food angel and her work”

Pennie Ludlow
Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing Guide

How to book your place

By clicking the button below and paying a £250 deposit. On payment, you will receive a confirmation page in which you will complete a guest questionnaire where you can choose your room and payment option. You can pay the remaining balance in full or by payment plan. Please note, that payment plans must be initiated within the first month of deposit being paid, and all balances need to be paid 8 weeks ahead of the retreat start date.

“I have known Tess for two decades and her devotion to creating amazing recipes has never wavered. Her passion and joy for food is something to envy as she smiles from head to toe as she enters the kitchen. But let’s talk about taste because that’s what it’s all about! Delicious, mouth-watering and unique always comes to mind when describing her dishes as she serves them like gifts of summer adorned in flowers and fruits, you feel healthier even before you have even tasted her glorious recipes! I’m always so excited when eating with Tess as I know the love she puts into her food goes straight to my heart too!”

Shirlie Kemp
Artist & Singer

Rustic Beach

What’s included 

  • 6 night’s accommodation
  • The full Love Food Ibiza daily cookery workshops
  • Morning yoga class
  • Three special Ibiza excursions
  • Breakfast, lunch and evening meal

What’s not included

  • Flights to Ibiza and airport transfers to and from Can Planetas
  • Any additional activities outside of the retreat space
  • Any additional therapies & treatments (see below)
  • Any meals outside of the retreat 

Treatments available the villa
(that can be pre booked in advance)

  • Deep tissue Massage
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Cupping and acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Human Design


My Secrets of A Yoga Kitchen in Ibiza has been carefully curated to accommodate 8 people for the week. I wanted to create a personal, up close and personal type of retreat where I could spend as much time with everyone as possible. Please book your place early, it is going to be a fabulous week. Every bedroom captures the essence of a traditional and historical Ibiza finca. You will discover many areas to unwind by yourself, as well as other places to connect and socialise with the rest of the group.

You have the options to choose from a suite through to king size, double room or spacious twin room (all single occupancy).

Can planetas photos agences 2019 - 57


A beautiful sun-drenched spacious room with a super-comfy king size bed, your own bathroom and private balcony with views out over the valley towards the sea. You also have direct access to a roof terrace for a little extra sun worshipping!



KING ROOMS WITH VIEW – Lavender, Za’tar and Peppercorn

There are three king-sized rooms available throughout the main house and guest house – all with stunning views across the valley and sea. The two king rooms in the main house share a bathroom where you can enjoy a bath whilst gazing out over the rolling hills. There is a separate toilet. The king room in the guest house (Lavender) just a short distance from the main house, has its own bathroom and toilet.



DOUBLE ROOMS – Saffron & Cinnamon

These comfortable and cosy double rooms are available in the main house. Both have access to the beautiful gardens. They share a bathroom in the green wing of the house. There is a separate toilet.



TWIN ROOMS – Rosemary & Thyme

Twins are in the charming guest house, just a short walk from the main house with its own lounge, kitchen and large terrace overlooking the valley and Mediterranean Sea. This separate, self-contained accommodation is great for sharing with friends.



Your deposit must be paid in full with your application to confirm your space on the retreat. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, unless your application is not accepted into the retreat programme. Once bookings are made, spaces are non-refundable. You can however transfer your place to another person.

If paying by payment plan, your payment plan must be initiated within the first month of paying the deposit. All payments should be paid in a full 8 weeks ahead of the retreat commencement date.

Your booking is 100% confirmed once all monies have been received for your booking.

Airfare, airport transfers, extra excursions, additional treatments (outside of the retreat schedule), payment fees and travel insurance are not included. We strongly advise you purchase full trip insurance to protect yourself against illness, emergencies and changes in your circumstances.

Please note that in the event of the retreat being postponed due to restrictions being placed on travelling and gathering due to COVID-19 we will offer an alternative date for the retreat to take place.