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First and foremost let’s get this straight, I love all food, every cuisine and have a great passion for seasonality. I focus my recipes on the best produce possible so the flavours can speak for themselves. I am not one for fad diets and fleeting food trends, my philosophy with cooking is simple: to nurture, to nourish, to pleasure, to comfort and above all to do the ingredients justice by making food look utterly delicious – and of course to cook with love and laughter.

My recipes are purely guide lines, I have given alternatives to various ingredients so please tweak and adjust to your own tastes and preferences. Without preaching, I always buy seasonal fruit and vegetables and wherever possible, organic. I choose ethical free range meat and eggs and try to cook with as many ingredients produced from this incredible island – I believe it is so important to support and promote the fantastic artisans of Ibiza. With the current movement towards healthier eating, I try to cut back on wheat, dairy and refined sugar because it’s genuinely not very good for us. I’m not suggesting for one minute that we ditch these from our diets completely, but to instead explore other alternatives. Opting for different whole grains, flour, fat and sugar alternatives can be fun and at times liberating. That said, you will come across some indulgent recipes too – it’s Ibiza, the island of hedonism…and a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t hurt now and again.

Welcome to our table… enjoy!

Spring 'flower power' salad

With so many pretty spring flowers around at the moment this makes for a stunning salad. I was lucky enough to collect bunches of wild garlic from the countryside surrounding the house, the flowers are truly...

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Episode 1 - A Perfect Paella & Postre at Cala D'Hort

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Sourdough focaccia with goats cheese, roasted red onions and blackberries

This is a super easy, festive ‘canibble’ (canapè/nibble!) idea for a starter or party snack. Plump sweet blackberries combine really well with the smooth goats cheese and zingy marinated roasted red onion. You can...

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Baked sweet potatoes with spicy chickpeas, asparagus and tahini

This is a delicious, simple and hearty brunch to prepare. Whilst the sweet potatoes are baking you can crack on with the other stages of the recipe, it really is that simple! Once they are cooked you can smother them...

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Spiced Root Vegetable Tagine

This gorgeous, comforting, slightly sweet and delicately spiced Moroccan tagine, is the perfect dish for the grounding of the soul. Red foods and root vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic along...

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Veggie Sausage, Chickpea and Sweet Potato Hotpot

Deeply flavourful and incredibly comforting, it's a scrumptious one pot wonder. Served with greens and warm sourdough bread to mop up, it will bring back all the memories of a late summer... Ingredients...

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Best ever Meditteranean Fish Stew

Deeply flavourful, incredibly comforting and full of Mediterranean goodness. It’s a fantastic one pot wonder that is super easy for those that are not confident with cooking fish. Serve with wilted spinach or a crisp...

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Garlic Mushroom, Asparagus and Manchego frittatas

These delicious omega-3 bites will satisfy your hunger and are perfect for lunch or brunch, they take minutes to prepare and can be easily adapted with vegetables of your choice. We are in late spring and its...

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