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First and foremost let’s get this straight, I love all food, every cuisine and have a great passion for seasonality. I focus my recipes on the best produce possible so the flavours can speak for themselves. I am not one for fad diets and fleeting food trends, my philosophy with cooking is simple: to nurture, to nourish, to pleasure, to comfort and above all to do the ingredients justice by making food look utterly delicious – and of course to cook with love and laughter.

My recipes are purely guide lines, I have given alternatives to various ingredients so please tweak and adjust to your own tastes and preferences. Without preaching, I always buy seasonal fruit and vegetables and wherever possible, organic. I choose ethical free range meat and eggs and try to cook with as many ingredients produced from this incredible island – I believe it is so important to support and promote the fantastic artisans of Ibiza. With the current movement towards healthier eating, I try to cut back on wheat, dairy and refined sugar because it’s genuinely not very good for us. I’m not suggesting for one minute that we ditch these from our diets completely, but to instead explore other alternatives. Opting for different whole grains, flour, fat and sugar alternatives can be fun and at times liberating. That said, you will come across some indulgent recipes too – it’s Ibiza, the island of hedonism…and a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t hurt now and again.

Welcome to our table… enjoy!

Nutty Fruity Chocolate Bark

Marbled with good quality dark and white chocolate, homemade bark looks impressively like a chocolate masterpiece - but trust me, it‘s super simple to make. The beauty of making your own chocolate bark is that you can...

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Blood orange, fennel & chicory salad

I am a sucker for beauty on a plate and this is it... A beautiful colour explosion of pinks and orange...just like an Ibiza sunset... This is one of my all time favourite salads because it delivers on all...

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Coconut chia pudding with persimmon and pomegranate

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of chia pudding. It’s something about the texture and simplicity that I find super enticing (plus it’s got ‘pudding' in its title so that’s a plus point in...

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Curried roasted butternut squash soup with coconut cream, dukkah and pomegranate

Christmas is the perfect time to share shots and these spicy and seasonal mini winter soups are my favourites. The warming fragrant spices, sweet pop of pomegranate and an earthy crunch of dukkah really has it...

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Smoked salmon & asparagus frittatas

These delicious high protein and omega-3 bites will satisfy your hunger and are perfect for lunch or a picnic. Of course, please use the best quality free range, organic eggs you can find. I love the combination...

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Vegan mixed mushroom rolls with smoked sea salt

Call me old school, but I still can’t resist a sausage roll! They are my ultimate party food – yes a bit of a guilty pleasure so this recipe is a healthier twist on a classic.  There’s something pretty wonderful...

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Mint Chocolate Spirulina Mousse

Silky and intensely chocolate rich, this light as air mousse dreamily almost melts on the tongue. To call it incredible would perhaps be an understatement because it actually has magical hidden superfood powers. I mean...

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Prawn, Chorizo & Padrón Peppers with Saffron Aïoli

Although these canapés/tapas are super quick and easy to put together, the flavours are anything but. Entice your guests with this gorgeous combination of smoky and savoury with a touch of sweetness - they really...

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Asparagus & spring pea shakshuka

Love shack babeeee! Looking for a bright bite? I seem to be teetering between comfort food and vibrant spring dishes these days. This is a stunning seasonal twist on one of my absolute brunch-time faves; Shakshuka...

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Chocolate Pistachio dipped figs

“To eat figs off the tree in the very early morning, when they have been barely touched by the sun, is one of the exquisite pleasures of the Mediterranean” 
― Elizabeth David, from her novel 'An omelette and a...

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Sticky orange & almond cake

This cake literally bursts with the delectable flavours of the Mediterranean:  oranges, almonds and scrumptious figs. Gloriously citrus, dense and squidgy this cake is actually ridiculously easy to make, ...

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Fruity Banana Carrot Cake

Vegan gluten free and amazing Recently I have had lots of requests for a healthy cake. So hands up who likes carrot cake? Hands up who likes banana bread? And hands up who likes fruit cake? Well you are in luck as...

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