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First and foremost let’s get this straight, I love all food, every cuisine and have a great passion for seasonality. I focus my recipes on the best produce possible so the flavours can speak for themselves. I am not one for fad diets and fleeting food trends, my philosophy with cooking is simple: to nurture, to nourish, to pleasure, to comfort and above all to do the ingredients justice by making food look utterly delicious – and of course to cook with love and laughter.

My recipes are purely guide lines, I have given alternatives to various ingredients so please tweak and adjust to your own tastes and preferences. Without preaching, I always buy seasonal fruit and vegetables and wherever possible, organic. I choose ethical free range meat and eggs and try to cook with as many ingredients produced from this incredible island – I believe it is so important to support and promote the fantastic artisans of Ibiza. With the current movement towards healthier eating, I try to cut back on wheat, dairy and refined sugar because it’s genuinely not very good for us. I’m not suggesting for one minute that we ditch these from our diets completely, but to instead explore other alternatives. Opting for different whole grains, flour, fat and sugar alternatives can be fun and at times liberating. That said, you will come across some indulgent recipes too – it’s Ibiza, the island of hedonism…and a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t hurt now and again.

Welcome to our table… enjoy!

Acai Superfood Breakfast Bowl

I have wanted to introduce organic Acai into my diet after finding out that it is deemed one of the most potent superfoods on Earth. It contains 42 times more antioxidants than found in fresh blueberries and even more...

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Raw courgetti with avocado basil pesto and Ibiza sun-kissed tomatoes

All aboard the beautiful La Bella Verde as I set sail for Ibiza's gorgeous little sister island Formentera... Okay I know it’s all a bit ‘last year’ seeing raw vegetables being turned into ‘spaghetti’...

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Eats Everything's Beef Stroganoff Burger Recipe

What do you cook when Dan Pearce aka Eats Everything rocks up for dinner? What a DJ dilemna! We know that after many foodie chats we have had with him over the years that his all time favourite dish is Beef...

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Perfect Paella

I have discovered the Holy Grail of the perfect paella thanks to a magic ingredient – Restaurante El Carmen’s Secret Sofrito…a wonderful aromatic blend of gently sautéed onions, garlic, fresh plum tomatoes,...

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Ibiza Hass Avocado Brownies

Who on this planet does not love a gooey chocolate brownie? After seeing literally tonnes of gorgeous locally grown avocados in my favourite fruit and veg shops, I thought that let’s move away from the smoothies and...

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Orange Blossom Water

At this time of the year in Ibiza many of the orange trees are still in blossom, we are lucky enough to have some in our garden so I decided to make the most of nature’s bounty. It’s a nice way to preserve the...

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Probably the best Gazpacho ever...with chilli marjoram ice cubes

Mid summer is the very best time for making gazpacho. A classic of Spanish genre - refreshing and full of ripe, summery flavours which is often described as 'a salad soup'. The real secret to gazpacho is the...

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BBQ seafood kebabs with Za’atar and preserved lemons & parsley

The success of this simple recipe depends entirely on the freshness of the fish. For this dish I used a combination of raw tiger prawns (shell on), calamari, swordfish and salmon. It’s best to go for a firmer textured...

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Zesty Lemon Posset with limoncello jelly

Spring in Ibiza is abundant with beautiful lemon and orange groves, many people have these trees growing in their gardens and last week I came home with a basket laden with lemons. There is something to be said...

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Raw vegan chocolate coconut mousse cake

I cannot begin to tell you how ridiculously delicious this recipe is, if you love chocolate and coconut then this is seriously for you. It’s decadent, rich and exquisite…and even a small slice will deliver a dreamy...

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Couscous Carrot Birthday Cake (for dogs)

Perfect for any dog party - it's healthy, nutritious and easy to make! And your dog will love you for it... Since becoming the proud owner of not one but four dogs, I have taken to researching a nutritious diet...

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Coq au Cava with roasted grapes and spring broad beans

I couldn’t resist naming this dish as I have, I guess it’s a homage to 90s Lambrusco! So we have had a bottle of cheap semi sec cava sitting in our cupboard collecting dust for over a year, question is how the...

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