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First and foremost let’s get this straight, I love all food, every cuisine and have a great passion for seasonality. I focus my recipes on the best produce possible so the flavours can speak for themselves. I am not one for fad diets and fleeting food trends, my philosophy with cooking is simple: to nurture, to nourish, to pleasure, to comfort and above all to do the ingredients justice by making food look utterly delicious – and of course to cook with love and laughter.

My recipes are purely guide lines, I have given alternatives to various ingredients so please tweak and adjust to your own tastes and preferences. Without preaching, I always buy seasonal fruit and vegetables and wherever possible, organic. I choose ethical free range meat and eggs and try to cook with as many ingredients produced from this incredible island – I believe it is so important to support and promote the fantastic artisans of Ibiza. With the current movement towards healthier eating, I try to cut back on wheat, dairy and refined sugar because it’s genuinely not very good for us. I’m not suggesting for one minute that we ditch these from our diets completely, but to instead explore other alternatives. Opting for different whole grains, flour, fat and sugar alternatives can be fun and at times liberating. That said, you will come across some indulgent recipes too – it’s Ibiza, the island of hedonism…and a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t hurt now and again.

Welcome to our table… enjoy!

Nisperos (Loquat), banana and coconut loaf

Don’t worry about finding nisperos (loquats) for this recipe as they can be easily substituted with mango, apricots or peaches – whatever you fancy. I love to use nisperos in this recipe and in late Spring they...

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Miso Salmon with Shimeji mushrooms, Szechuan butternut puree and wilted spinach

To me this is Autumn on a plate! The bright orange butternut squash, vibrant green spinach and cute as ever earthy coloured shimeji mushrooms. The varying flavours, textures and colours of this recipe make a vibrant and...

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Harissa miso roasted carrots and sweet potatoes with herb labneh

This is an incredible dish that can be served as a vegetarian main course. Amazing textures, hot spices, saltiness from the miso dressing and the clean acidic ‘cheese-like’ yoghurt makes an irresistible interplay of...

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Sweet & Sour Aubergine Salad (Mezze)

Who doesn't adore Caponata? The classic Sicilian sweet and sour aubergine stew, it’s the taste of the Mediterranean in every mouthful. My recipe is slightly different, you could say it has a middle eastern twist. What...

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Cauliflower falafel with a beetroot, tahini & toasted almond dip

There’s something wonderfully wholesome yet deliciously satisfying about a good falafel. Strangely I tend to eat falafel more in the summery months so I decided to experiment with two of my favourite winter...

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Marvelous mushroom & lentil ragu with brown rice spaghetti

I love taking a classic comfort dish and transforming it into something more healthy but without compromising on flavour. This recipe is a deviation from a classic bolognaise – a firm favourite in my house, but...

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Banana Chocolate Beauty Cookies (sugar free and gluten free)

I’ve named these ‘Beauty Cookies’ as their ingredients of bananas, oats, almonds and dark chocolate all have incredible health compounds for anti-aging as well as beautifying the skin, hair and nails.  If you...

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Thai coconut mussels & sesame sea bass

I am a massive mussel fan (of the shellfish variety). My parents live in Brittany where I have tasted the most delicious plump mussels on the planet so I get very excited when mussels are in season – maybe it’s a...

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Grilled figs and spiced almonds, orange ricotta, melted dark chocolate and bee pollen

There is no getting away from it, this is food heaven straight from the land. Sweet delicious grilled figs filled with spiced caramelised almonds which are served with a chilled creamy orange ricotta and dripping with...

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Courgette Parmigiana with a hint of mint

I adore aubergine parmigiana! It is a glorious and classic thing or in other words, Mediterranean comfort stodge. I’ve mixed things up a bit and for my version I use courgettes instead of aubergines. I have...

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Sangria infused watermelon (inspired by Albert Adrià from Heart in Ibiza)

When Rosuara - the lovely owner of my favourite fruit and vegetable in Ibiza store Viva Flor tipped me off about her ripe and ready home grown watermelons, I was there like a shot. I’ve never actually seen them...

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Apricot & Stem Ginger Frangipane Tart

Isn’t it lovely when friends share food? Recently my great Ibiza friend Camilla Ham invited me around to her house to pick the bounty of apricots growing in her garden and with the aid of her gorgeous boys Liam and...

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