k  Viva Flor  k

k  Fruit, vegetables and herbs heaven  k


My favourite place on the island for fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey and herbs housed in a lovely little roadside hut nestling under the trees. It’s located not far from Las Dalias, swing a left from the market at the the San Carlos roundabout and look out for the blue sails and smiling face of the owner Rosuara Torres Guasch. Every generation of Rosuara’s family have been growing from the land for as long as she can remember. In the shop there is an old photograph of her great grandmother Eulalia who lived to the ripe old age of 101 – apparently due to her diet of home grown vegetables and her penchant for red wine. Sounds like my kind of lady!


This shop with its gravel floor and pretty fabric covered tables adorn some of the most beautiful vegetables I have seen on the island. It is such a well-orchestrated display of Rosuara’s sensory intuition that emanates the seasons, it makes me swoon with pleasure at the beauty and naturally unembellished placement of her produce.


What I particularly love about Rosuara is that fact that she doesn’t even promote the origins of her produce, only after asking her does she explain that all the vegetables are grown in the fields surrounding the shop and by only a few different farmers – Pepita and Jose Roja plus more importantly from her own mothers garden were everything is organically grown. She also fondly tells me of Jaume Parrot, a 71-year-old man who supplies her with honey and pollen – this amazing collective of producers are all within a kilometre of her shop, yet she doesn’t make a song and dance about it, to her it’s absolutely normal. Zero food miles and sustainability that have escaped the commercialised bandwagon, I love it.


Rosuara and her colleague Esmeralda are always on hand to point out the pick of the day, whether it’s perfectly ripe avocados, wild asparagus or the sweetest nectarines.


We often swap recipes and she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to seasonal ingredients. But I haven’t yet mentioned the quality of her produce…so I can only do this justice by quoting from one of my favourite books ‘The Gourmet’ by Muriel Barbery…

‘The resistance of the skin – slightly taut, just enough; the luscious yield of the tissues, their seed-filled liqueur oozing into the corners of one’s lips, this plump little globe unleashing a flood nature inside us: a tomato, an adventure.’

Oh and by the way, Rosuara’s tomatoes are to die for too.