k  Lukasz 50th Birthday Celebration  k

k  Saturday September 30th & Sunday October 1st 2023  k

Saturday Birthday Buffet Feast

Cava poached whole sides of salmon with mint labneh, pomegranates,

Za’atar marinated Lebanese chicken 

Classic cucumber mint dill tzatziki

Spicy ginger garlic prawns with rice noodle salad, roast asparagus red peppers

Lamb (or beef) köftes with a spiced turmeric yogurt 

Buckwheat tabbouleh with roasted hazelnuts 

Lightly curried orzo with corn, mango and coriander 

Beetroot, feta, chickpea salad with pistachios 

Special focaccia breads & sourdough 

Sweet Ending…

Beautiful Birthday Cake

(macaroons or brownies?) 

Fresh fruit platter with vanilla Greek yoghurt, salted caramel and praline crunch

Highlights of your stay

Sunday Brunch Feast

Local artisan breads & pastries 

Green God & Goddess smoothie 

Chia coconut puddings with mango, passion fruit

Overnight almond oats with autumn berry compot & cinnamon granola 

Tuna, butterbean, fennel, pear, avocado salad with with honey mustard dressing 

Smoked mackerel pate with dill, horseradish, beetroot salsa, smoked salmon 

Ras-el-hanout Aubergines with tahini, dukkah crunch 

Classic humus with red pepper muhummara and crispy sage, roosted chickpeas

Goats cheese salad with toasted walnuts, pomegranate and orange endive salad 

Egg salad with curried yogurt sauce and edible flowers 

Chef’s Table

Assorted omelettes and crepes made to order

The power of prana

A gut full of happiness