k  Strawberry kefir, oat & maca smoothie  k

I’m revisiting the often understated strawberry and banana smoothie…but I’ve given it a healthy makeover. Blended with amazing gut friendly Kefir, organic strawberries, oats and Maca powder. It’s a smoothie that is packed with pro-biotics, cholesterol lowering oats, protein rich Maca (which is also fantastic for stabilising hormones) whilst the banana adds potassium and of course there’s super anti-oxidants from the strawberries.

It’s slightly tart and malty thanks to the Maca and kerfir and not as sweet as a classic strawberry banana smoothie. Better still, it won’t spike your blood sugar and the oats will keep you going until lunchtime.



(Makes 2)

200ml Kefir

150g organic strawberries

1/2 frozen banana (or fresh)

20g organic oats

2 teaspoons maca powder


Simply add all the ingredients to a blender/bullet and whizz until smooth…