Mark Jones
  Wall of Sound massive

Can you tell us about the first time you came to Ibiza…the clubs, the DJs, the tunes…

My first ever visit to Ibiza was 1983 would you believe! There wasn’t really a mad club scene in existence though the energy and vibration of the island did make its mark on me

A record you probably played in your first set here…and where was it?

A Wall of Sound Classic like Propellerheads ‘Take California’, The Woodentops ‘Why Why Why’ or Electra – ‘Jibaro’. Would have been at Manumission…

A dish that reminds you of your childhood…

Egg and Chips. Every Day

An Ibiza breakfast would be taken at where…and would be the perfect plate

Mornings start early for me as I find sleep so boring. Every day I start the day with mixed fruits : Melon, pineapple, banana, apple, grapes, kiwi, yoghurt and granola/museli. Oh and maybe a raspberry or strawberry on top! Tooty Fruity…

Mark – the best pudding in the world?

Mmmmmmmm where do we start ?

I find that a tricky one to answer as all I have left is lines of cake now!!! Check out…
Desserts Anonymous. Here’s 3 for starters…
Bannoffee Pie
Apple Crumble with Custard or Beechdeans Honey and Ginger Ice Cream

Your craziest time with Wall of Sound in Ibiza?

Wowzer, my memory is wiped from the crazy dayz, but if I had to pick a time it would be the Manumission days and probably appearing on stage and having Claire lay an egg for me for breakfast…


Your craziest time with Norman Cook in Ibiza?

I just asked Norman this question and he said we were doing an interview at Space for Carry On Manumission and we were both sitting on a scooter. We were apparently so off it and making little sense that after a while the interviewer gave up and just wandered away…it made the Manumission Movie…

Who is the top chef in the kitchen at home and what are your signature dishes?

Charlotte is the only chef, you’ll always/only find me in the kitchen at parties…

Finest Manumission Motel tale…

When Derek Dah Large and Diego Maradona had a 12 strong United Nations of Booty in Derek’s suite. 24 Hours of Sex n Drugs n Cock n Roll! Sorry Decks n Drums n Rock n Roll…


A record you will be playing in Ibiza this year…

The Walls Have Ears 21 anniversary Wall of Sound compilation. Over and over again. Some classic Ibiza moments on there too…

Has a DJ ever cooked for you? If so who – and what did they cook?

Yes my wife DJ Lottie is a proper Acid Housewife now. She has come a long long way in the kitchen. She cooks and I crumble…


The worst DJ cook EVER…

DJ Mark Jones

The finest host on the island…

Tony Pike. Host with the most…hahaha

The DJ set s of your Ibiza life was at…

1 Manumission Mad Days at Privelidge ,
2 Mr and Mrs DJ set at Aura
3 Freddie Rocks at Pikes / Ibiza Rocks House

An album you love driving around Ibiza listening to…

Steely Dan – Greatest Hits

The perfect sunset tune…

Royksopp – ‘So Easy’ or Aeroplane ‘We Can’t Fly’

Your favourite Ibiza resident DJ and why?

Alfredo – because he made us do it

What are the biggest changes to the white isle from your first visit? Good and bad…


More places to eat and getting to escape and so many options club wise


Commerciality of music and club life. VIP club bullshit. Losing the creative, expressional, freedom of life…

When you are in Ibiza what would your top table be at the following and why…

…by the sea

S’illa Des Bosc and watching the sunset at Cala Comte


…in town

Thai’d Up. Seafront in Ibiza Town

10302114_637065989718091_5841313473564010361_n  1903989_606032982821392_1314929189_n

…in the countryside

El Clodenis…sitting up a hill in San Rafael. New Romantic…


Ibiza has a truly bohemian, hippy vibe. Have you travelled anywhere else in the world with a vibe so unique in it’s own way?

Yes GOA. The parties there were very similar feel wise and the freedom of expression. Iceland and Jamaica for the Good Vibrations too…why do these islands vibrate musically and creatively? I am trying to find out…

Your favourite London/UK restaurant?

Here’s where and why……

Breakfast…Almond Croissant at Maison Bertaux Soho. The oldest and best patisserie in London, goes back to 1871…the greatest almond croiss off in the world

Lunch…Duck Salad at Hakkasan Mayfair. I love a quick duck. Quackers.


Dinner…King Prawn Tandoori Masala, Sag Panir, Peshwari Naan at Maliks Indian, Cookham. I can’t eat Indian food anywhere else after experiencing the magic of Maliks

Malik's Tandoori dining room with a fire blazing  IMG_0587

Your favourite countries you love returning to, to sample their cuisine?

i i i i…Why Why Why Why!


A dish you just cannot stomach?

Beans Means Heinz on toast…and anything with olives. Yuk

What have been the biggest disasters one of you have ever cooked for one another…?

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The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Peace out /Chill Pill day and sublime sunset at Benirras Beach and seeing friends I rarely see who are hidden on the island
Lovely room at Cas Gasi or Pikes (Ibiza Rocks House)
Thai Dinner Delight at Bambuddah Grove or Thai’d Up
Having some club fun with music that I love/We Love

‘Walls Have Ears – 21 Years Of Wall Of Sound’ is out now….