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This place is delightful – I’m always so relaxed here. It’s one of the most welcoming restaurants on the island where you can simply drop your shoulders and soak in the beauty that surrounds you, trust me…it’s magical. You will find this hidden secret in the pretty little village of Sant Miquel de Balansat in the north of the island, with stunning views of countryside and one of the oldest churches in Ibiza.


La Luna Nell’Orto is set in and around a quaint 300-year-old finca, the terraced garden is on charming different levels that are teeming with bougainvillea exploding with colour, fragrant jasmine and an unbelievable natural canopy formed by an ancient fig tree.


The tables come complete with the cutest plant pot lanterns that dangle from the trees, vases of wild flowers and a further splash of boho style with scatter cushions – all making a complete feast for the eyes. The cosy and rustic décor inside the restaurant is equally delightful too…a roaring log fire and thick walls perfect for those winter evenings; I really just love it all!


Now onto the food and the super charming brothers that run the restaurant. Argentinian born Adrian and Daniel left their homeland in their late teens to embark on a Spanish adventure, which eventually led them to Ibiza.

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The brothers and their close friend Mario (head chef) all worked together in the restaurant and when the original owner retired, they jumped at the chance to take the place over. They wanted to take the restaurant to the next level – to achieve excellence in customer service and quality cuisine.

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Adrian believes that their Argentinian background is reflected in the Spanish and Italian influenced menu. First and foremost every dish is completely homemade. From their bread freshly baked in their stone oven to their incredible pasta dishes that are clearly made with care, thought and passion.


They have a creative use of local seasonal produce that bring the essence of Ibiza to every dish, the menu is not fussy or vast, I could eat every dish (think I almost have) with the sizzling steaks being an obvious hit with the men and their local fish cooked with delicate simplicity.


I don’t like the use of the word ‘tasty’ but more and more often these days I seem to be finding classic dishes being killed with unnecessary garnishes or smears of emulsions that just detract from the true essence of the dish. Or in other cases to hide the fact that the dish actually does not meet the grade – I believe that Italian cuisine at its simple and finest form should in fact be tasty, that is, after all, the true secret of where real flavour lies. And this is what La Luna Nell’Orto delivers in every dish…good for them I say!

Also well worth checking out are the live music nights on Thursdays and Sundays – the latter being our favourite as they feature the legendary Flamenco superstar Paco Fernandez. See you there!