Andres Campo

A crazy kid who goes big and riding a huge wave this summer…

A track you love to hear on a sunny morning…

The Jeremy Spencer Band – Cool Breeze.

Your perfect breakfast would be…

Gluten free.

The most unusual thing I have ever eaten…

A battery when I was a child by accident!

The dish that reminds me of my childhood

Not my favourite but roasted rabbit, a must from my mom…sounds funny doesn’t it?! Always makes me think of childhood though.

Who taught you to cook?

Mom, and it would be impossible to top her skills

Your favourite two restaurants in your home city…

Doña Taberna and El Flor (below).

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3 other restaurants from around the world you love…

Well I now live in Barcelona, so close to my home…

Sports Bar (despite the name, they have great Neapolitan food)

Lee – a Chinese bar (below) and damn! He knows to cook!

L’scarmala has a good paella and is close to the beach.. 

A DJ or musician that has surprised you with their cooking skills at home/their home…what did they cook

Ramiro Lopez, close friend of mine and a maestro at kitchen doing whatever!

Your guilty pleasure food. You know you shouldn’t but you always do…

I must admit that’s watermelon or melon; I can eat one whole at a time and trust me it’s not a good sight watching me do that..

What is your signature dish?

Rice with vegetables and chicken, wok style.

If you could have a master-class with a celebrity chef, who’d you pick and why?

Brothers from Can Roca, I just watched the documentary about them, inspiring.

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Dead or alive – 3 famous people you would invite around for dinner…

Famous? They should invite me then!! Haha ok, (sorry honey but) Jessica Alba, Patricia Conde & María Valverde; all are gluten free so the menu would definitely be good.

A dish you have yet to master…


Your favourite pizza topping

Extra cheese

Your biggest ever food mistake

Using salt instead of sugar

A dish you just cannot eat

Salmon, I tried but..

You get in from the club pissed, dive in the fridge and usually come out with…?

Orange juice or milk

The most expensive meal you have ever had?

Not sure, but whatever it was it was perhaps by mistake, or not deserved!


My favourite restaurant on the island…

Dolce Vita! Good guys, good food, good vibes

A record that always reminds you of Ibiza

Not my favourite but: SOY COMO SOY – Makossa+Megablast

Your favourite Ibiza dish

Paella and aioli.

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Playing in a villa with a good sound system surrounded by friends…

The best sunset spot for a cold drink…

Anywhere in Formentera…

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