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Considering it is one of our most ancient and simplest of recipes, bread has become a rather bastardised beast, far too often full of many more things than need be there. Fortunately, island based baker Christelle Ferroud is back to bless us with her creations using traditional methods at her artisanal bakery Pan D’or, which is where Chris English caught up with her this week…




How long have you been baking for?

I have been involved in the baking industry since 1999. I created and co-owned a bakery in London called Flour Power City.

Could you give a brief history of Pan D’Or?

I started Pan D’Or picking up the crumbs and trying to revive an old business here on the island in 2012. Pan D’Or is a creative expression of something close to my heart.

How did you learn your craft?

I started at home. I began my starter from scratch and I fed it, it was hungry, so I fed it more and it took over our kitchen. When it started to take over our lounge, it pushed me to move on into an actual bakery. It was the life energy of the bread that pushed to expand and I followed it. I learnt as I made mistakes, painful mistakes; but bread has this thing that tells you to try again. It brings such a satisfaction that you just do keep on going. It’s a fascinating adventure.

What are the main challenges to being a baker?

The hours – it is like looking after a baby, but you cannot take the baby with you. We are working with natural fermentation and slow proving methods. We have to keep a careful eye on the process because we are dealing with something that is alive. So we need a really good system of organisation and accurate time management to get it right. We also need to constantly think ahead. Care is a must.


Are there any unique challenges to baking in this climate?

Yes – trying to hold back fast expansion under fire and a force that rapidly gets out of control. The dough is extremely sensitive and falls victim to that exhilarating heat. We need to watch out for the weather forecast everyday, as finding the right balance between humidity and heat levels for the dough to develop comfortably, without any stress, is essential.

What are your favourite items to bake?

I love my original, the old white 1kg round country loaf. I sign this one with a ‘C’. It marries with all flavours and it is just excellent on it’s own. It is the original timeless staple loaf.


What are you best selling items?

The original Pan D’Or crusty old white country loaf is also our number one seller, so I made it in different sizes to suit everyone’s need of consumption.


Is there anything new on offer for the new season?

I am working on introducing a white tin loaf, which will have a similar texture and taste as a pain viennois and is an extremely good base for melting sandwiches. And focaccias are coming back, I did not make them last year but we all missed them.

Pan D’or can be found at Punta des Farallo in St. Eulalia

Telefona +34 697 10 21 83


Chris English is a Private Chef and Artisan appreciator.
[email protected]