Amine Edge & DANCE

Your favorite record you put on in the morning to start the day with a smile…

Amine Edge: That’s a very hard question! Today I will say Drake’s new album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ or maybe a classic like Bill Withers – ‘Lovely Day’.

DANCE: Big Sean ft. Drake – ‘Blessed’ because the track starts with a smooth strings melody and reminds me how much I’m blessed to live this crazy life.

You wake in Ibiza…breakfast would be taken at where…and would be on the perfect plate?

Amine Edge: At home in our villa, cooking something simple like scrambled eggs, some salmon sashimi and a good smoothie – all this at the pool under the sunshade.

DANCE: A coffee and a cigarette by the pool is enough for me.

The dish that reminds you of your childhood?

Amine Edge: Potato Omelette. I was addicted to French fries (I’m still an addict) when I was young and I’d eat them almost every day. My mum used to make them in a pan and drop eggs on them, I was like craz …ok I’m going to cook some now and I will finish this interview later, haha!

DANCE: My Grandma used to cook me pasta with butter and A LOT of cheese with some ham and a glass of strawberry squash. I sill eat the same meal three times a week minimum. I’m still a child actually!

Your favorite restaurant in the world and why…

Amine Edge: Viet Grill in London. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant, very tasty and healthy, always the best combination. I go there very often after a London tour date for example – I love everything they do.

DANCE: ‘Cantinetta’ – it’s in my city, Marseille. They do the best mozzarella buratta. The Rosé is amazing too and it’s nice because there is a cool terrace, so you can eat outside with your sunglasses on.

viet-grill  carte-cantinetta

If you could have a master class with any celebrity chef it would be with…

Amine Edge: Probably a Japanese chef but I don’t know any! I like their culinary culture and the importance and respect of training and the hierarchy in the kitchen between the chef and the other chefs.

DANCE: I don’t really know any celebrity chefs so I will say my Grandma. She knows how to do the best fish and I love fish.

Has a DJ ever cooked for you – if so who and what?

Amine Edge: DJ Sneak has cooked a few times for me (not really for me but at his BBQ) and it’s always amazing, he is always the chef to talk to about meat and BBQ. I will be very interested on trying Dubfire’s food though as he has a really strong passion for food like me.

DANCE: I was there too so obviously I want to say the same. Sneak is a great cook, he knows how to do barbecue better than anyone and he’s got this secret BBQ sauce that you can find only in Toronto. Damn this interview is making me hungry!


A beach restaurant…

Amine Edge: I have none in mind but it will definitely be somewhere specialising in grilled fish. If you eat at a restaurant on the beach, you have to eat whatever the fresh fish of the day is – it’s like a tradition.

DANCE: There is a nice restaurant in Bandol I know. You can eat the best mussels with some French fries there and of course the Rosé in Bandol is so good too.

Best sushi in Ibiza…

Amine Edge: The Sushi at Pacha is really good, but to be honest a bit overpriced because it’s Ibiza I guess.

DANCE: The only Sushi I’ve tried was at Pacha too. It was very fresh and tasty!

Your guilty pleasures food…

Amine Edge: Fuck! Everything as you can see from my fat belly, ha. My bad addictions are cookies, caramel popcorn, French fries, mayonnaise and lots of other very calorific food. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t take drugs, but we all have vices – we are all human!

DANCE: Fried chicken with mayonnaise. I could eat it everyday but I know it’s bad. Also crisps are a big addiction for me – every flavour, I love all of them.

Can you cook? Your signature dish?

Amine Edge: I’m not a good cook but I do the best cookies I think. I can do amazing pizzas too, I mean really, not frozen either! Something else I like to do is cannelloni.

DANCE: I almost never cook, but I know how to do good pasta with salmon and cream. Or I’m the best to do a good club sandwich, but i know it’s not really cooking, ha!

The most delicious paella is where in Ibiza…

Amine Edge: I haven’t had the chance to try too many, but I remember a restaurant in Santa Eulalia (that I don’t remember the name of unfortunately but it was on Platja De Santa Eulalia). The paella was really good, so I haven’t been anywhere else yet.

DANCE: Unfortunately I have no idea. I’m not a paella fan, sorry!


An album you love driving around Ibiza listening to…

Amine Edge: Joe – ‘My Name Is Joe’
DANCE: Travis Scott – ‘Days Before Rodeo’

The perfect sunset tune…

Amine Edge: One day, the resident DJ at Mambo dropped ‘The Preassure Pt II’ from ‘The Sound Of Blackness’ during the sunset. It was the version without the beat remixed by Frankie Knuckles – it was the perfect tune.

DANCE: ‘Majid Jordan – ‘Her’

A dish you can’t stomach…

Amine Edge: That’s the problem – my stomach can eat everything, ha!

DANCE: I can’t eat chilli or red pepper because it makes me sick. It’s really sad, because I love it.

The perfect 24 hours in Ibiza would be…

Amine Edge: Going to a quiet soft sand beach around 10am, chillin’ under the sun and sunshade sometimes, at 12 eating a good grilled fish, swimming, getting tan, drinking some nice juices, going back to bed for a nap because chilling at the beach is exhausting lol and then later going to Mambo for the sunset and for the good food they serve, then going to make a club tour to see all the friends playing and say hello, REPEAT

DANCE: Wake up at 12, have a coffee. Then take my laptop and produce some music by the pool and then maybe have some drinks at Ocean Beach or Bora Bora, before eating in a random restaurant and getting drunk with my friends and going to Sankeys or DC10.

The record that reminds you of Ibiza every time…

Amine Edge: David Morales – ‘Needin’ You’ because the video clip is recorded in Ibiza and I remember at the time, I had no gigs outside my town. Ibiza was a dream then and this clip always made me think about it.

DANCE: Travis Scott – ‘Mamacita’ because I always listened this track when I was driving around the island last summer.