k  The Caroline and Vincent Wedding Party  k

k  at Finca San Lorenzo, Ibiza  k

It is an honour and a delight to provide my catering services to you both for your Ibiza wedding extravaganza on 23 June 2022.

As discussed, I can certainly provide a 3-4 hour fun and interactive cookery workshop where I will demonstrate the making of my Ibiza orange, carob, almond, cacao Wedding Loveballs.

I will also do a second option of either a traditional gazpacho or a homemade Kombucha Masterclass…all to be discussed!

You have specified three different types of salad each to serve 80 guests. I can provide beautiful tableware, platters and mini tables to elevate and display the salads

Salad Options

Rainbow Rawslaw with a healthy dressing and toasted nuts

Lightly curried Orzo with roasted peppers, tomatoes, mango and coriander

Buckwheat and quinoa tabbouleh with Kombucha pickled sultanas and pomegranate

Sumac roasted beetroot with chickpeas, feta and mint

Healthy Waldorf with apples, grapes, celery, toasted seeds, walnuts and a Dijon tahini dressing

Superfood salad with spinach, sprouted mung beans, pickled red onions, Spanish cucumber, toasted seeds and a medley of local tomatoes


3-4 hour workshop                   350 euros

120 Wedding Loveballs           360 euros

3 types of salad x 80                 1200 euros

Total                                           1910 euros